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For this newspaper report I have selected two ads for trips to Greece in the

Greek newspaper, the Orthodox Observer. The travel agencies here are

"MARKOS TRAVEL SERVICE" and "PHAROS TRAVEL". Both ads offer trips to

Greece with really good deals from all over the United States.

"Markos Travel Service" offers non-stop flights on Jumbo 747 with

Olympic Airways and says that it has unbelievable low rates from anywhere in

the United States. The prices at "Markos Travel Service start from $289.00 the

one way ticket which departs from New York (JFK) and arrives in Athens

Greece, and the round trip ticket starts from $489.00. Now with "PHAROS

TRAVEL" he has the one way ticket $299.00 and the round trip $498.00 plus tax

(which usually the tax ranges between $40-60.00 .This travel agency ad tells us

about the children's fare too and it also gives a 20% off discount to all corporate

accounts with either domestic or international trips. It also deals with add on

from all over the United States too and it actually gives us the prices to it.

"MARKOS TRAVEL SERVICE" doesn't show these features in its ad not

even for the children's price or the discount price. Another difference between

the two is that "MARKOS TRAVEL SERVICE" has only one office in Connecticut

but "PHAROS TRAVEL" has two locations, one in Manhattan and the other one

in Astoria, which makes it much more easier to go too. Both of the travel

agencies ads gives us a nation wide toll-free number so you can call them from




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