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Advantages of Respecting Ocean Resources

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Essay Preview: Advantages of Respecting Ocean Resources

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The ocean is one of earth’s most valuable natural resources. It provides sources for human’s life. People destroyed the ocean with many reason. If people can make use of the ocean resources, they will have many advantages from it and they can have benefit to their life such as catching fish, shipping, tourism, and oxygen production. By taking care and respecting ocean we will get many advantages, like increase the food resources, improve employment opportunity for peoples, improve the tourism field, and etc. Keeping the natural resource and taking care of ocean is so important. . There are many advantages from respecting the ocean resource that can be useful for human’s life, human can utilize all of ocean natural resources and develop the resource for a good result.

By saving the ocean natural resources, it will provide advantages such as in tourism aspect, the economy field, transportation, and also for the oxygen production. Saving the ocean resources give many benefit to developing the tourism, people would be interested in a place that has an attractive tourism however tourism can actually promote conservation of the environment. Tourism contribution, to both the Gross World Product formation and global employment level, transforms it into one of the global economy's most important and dynamic components. Over time, technological changes have strongly influenced the development of this sector, permanently revolutionizing the way touristic experience is perceived. We also need to preserve the beauty of the underwater especially coral reefs. Coral reefs contain a variety of benefits that are very large and diverse. The benefits of coral reefs which can be used directly by humans, there are such as places for fish live which used of human needs in the field of food, such as grouper, rabbitfish fish, yellow tail fish. Then marine tours will see the beauty of form and color of coral reefs, and also much used in photography field for they who loved natural beauty of ocean. Peoples will see the beauty of the diversity of marine creatures are very interesting. Coral reefs and marine creatures are also choosing to live in clear water environment and not contaminated. Tourists will be interested in snorkeling or diving to enjoy the beauty of the underwater and see the diversity of ocean creatures. However tourism can actually promote conservation of the environment. With a preserved ocean environment that will attract more tourists to go there. So this give many benefits for some places. If peoples saving the ocean, sea creatures will increasing rapidly and it will give a lot more people’s food resources.

Then for the economy field, it can be used for fisherman to catch the fish. They can find fish for food resources, then they could sale their fish catches. In tourism term, the marine resource managers can also utilize the ocean as an attraction for tourist and they will get a lot of advantages in the field of economy. We also should give attention for coral reefs, healthy coral reefs support commercial and subsistence fisheries as well as jobs and businesses through tourism and recreation. Approximately half of all federally managed fisheries depend on coral reefs and related habitats for a portion of their life cycles. Local economies also receive billions of dollars from visitors to reefs through diving tours, recreational fishing trips, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses based near reef ecosystems (National Coral Service, n.d.). With many visitors it will increase the economic income, because the ocean is very beneficial in the management of economic. People also can help improve the local economy with the influx of ocean tourism income. If people can manage well the ocean, they will get many benefit from it which can solve many problem in economic field.

Then for the transportation sector, respecting ocean will allow users of ocean transport in the absence of



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