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Adoption is a great way for children to have a chance at a good life. Before a couple decides to adopt a child, they should first decide which kind of adoption they would like to adopt internationally or domestically. Both forms of adoption are very important and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

You may ask, “Why would someone even want to adopt a child?” There are many answers to that very question. Many times people adopt because the are infertile, or can’t have a child. Another reason people like to adopt is because they think that it adoption very important in today’s society. They sit there and think of the millions of little kids in Africa who are trying to scrounge for and food or good water that they can get their little, skinny hands on. Adoption is important to all of the people who want to save the lives of little kids on our United States soil and in many other countries. About 135,000 adopted children are put into families in the United States each year. According to the review essays website, “ there is an average of five million people adopted in America today.” Adoption has impacted 5 million people who were adopted, and even more than five million when you count all of the family and friends that the adopted people have. Every single person that they know has been in some way or another affected by adoption. Adoption is very important to each and every one of those children who get adopted each year and to the families who adopt them.

You do not have to just adopt from the United States. There are about 46 countries, besides the United States, that are available for anyone to adopt out of. Any kid from any of the 47 countries will have the chance do have a great life, but in reality it could be the only chance they get at any life. While adopting domestically and foreignly there is a very good chance that the child will struggle with racism and bullying in school and throughout their life. As a parent, you have to know that even though they are dealing with all of these struggles, they could’ve already starved to death, so at least you have saved them from that.

Adoption can be pricey. If you are adopting from a foreign country, the lowest average is around $30,000. When adopting foreignly you have to remember that you have to have airplane tickets for the way there and the way back, so that can make your trip even more pricey. A few other costs of adopting foreignly are as follows: the cost of a place to stay; food to eat; a way to get clean drinking water; and the child’s passport, visa, and medical exam. If you are going to adopt domestically, in the United States, you will usually spend around $10,000. Additional costs for both forms of adoption include beds, clothing, food, and other necessities.

Domestic adoption is prefered by lots of people. Some people think that domestic adoption is better because these are our country's kids. A lot of the kids in the United States still have a better life than those in Africa, but they are still hurting kids and it is still our responsibility to help them. There are a lot of people who want to help kids, but they just don’t have the finances to help them overseas. Domestic adoption is a great way to get a child for a lot cheaper of a price. Another reason people prefer domestic adoption is because they don’t want to have to worry about having to fly across seas to another country. With today’s world, you never really know what is going to happen when you fly to a different nation. Some people would like to adopt an infant, and domestic adoption is the only way to do that because infants are not allowed to be adopted foreignly. Domestic adoption can also be really hard on families. A lot of times the child may know their parents, and that can make it really hard because the parent may want their child back after they have already given them up. The birth parents



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