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Adolph Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born to Alois and Klara Hitler in 1990 in Braunau, Austria. His parents couldn't legally be married, because his mother was his father's first cousin's daughter. But they got permission from the Christian church in Rome, and were only an exception because Klara was already pregnant. When he was eight, the family moved to Vienna, which would be a city to hold quite an impact on Hitler's ambitions.

When Adolf was 12, his father had died. His father was the only person that wouldn't let his grades slip, so two years later he dropped out of school. Then Hitler's luck worsened, and two short years after, his mother passed away. Once his mother was gone, Adolf was completely alone. In 1913, he moved to Munich looking for a place to be employed. But he did not leave Vienna with nothing. As he left, he kept two things in mind that were valued there: Anti-Semitism and the idea of German supremacy.

Adolf had always been into the arts, when he was in Munich, he'd go to operas when he didn't even have food. He was a very good sketch artist of buildings and architects, but he could not draw people very well. Art was one of the two classes, P.E. being the other, that he excelled in. As he entered the political world, he would continue his interests in the arts.

World War One hit on August 14, 1914. A few months later, he had joined up with the German army in the 16th Battalion. He became so dedicated to his battalion, that when people asked where he lived, he simply said, "The Sixteenth Battalion." The reason why he had joined to fight for his country is because he wanted to purify the world. In his eyes, anybody who wasn't German wasn't part of the "Master Race", which fell under Hitler's idea of German Supremacy. Aryan was what the "Master Race" was deemed, which was a German with blonde hair and blue eyes. The irony of it is that he himself had brown hair and brown eyes, which he considered "not pure." If you were not pure, you were to be cleansed, taken care of. If you were not with Adolf and his belief, you deserved to die. In 1916, he was shot and sent back to Germany. Then he soon returned healthy as ever. When 1918 came, Germany began losing

the war. A few months later, Adolf was blinded because he was too close to a Gas Shell, which blinded him. When he could finally return, the war ended two days later. He came out of WWI as a driven veteran, who truly loved his country.

A year later, Hitler went into politics. He became a member of the German Workers Party, which was soon later named the National Socialist German Workers Party. Also known as NSDAP, or Nazis for short. When he was in the German Workers Party, he gave such insightful speeches, that soon after joining he became the leader of the Nazi party. Adolf was destined to get power, and he found it easiest to preach to the people when times were down. After the war ended, Germany was in debt 33 billion dollars in reparations, and their mark was at 1/40,000 of a cent. I suppose you could say Germany was bankrupt.

At the same time, there was another man just like Hitler. He was named Benito Mussolini, and he had threatened the Italian government with his soldiers he called "Blackshirts." So, the government willingly



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