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Admission Essay on Comparison Between High School and College

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Essay Preview: Admission Essay on Comparison Between High School and College

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Admission Essay on Comparison Between High School and College

Going from high school to college is a major transition in life. Both high school and college are important chapters for every person, but they are very different. In going from one of these stages in life to the other we experience significant changes: of friends, lifestyles, eating habits, and even homes. College is a different world from high school, and the change is very sudden and can sometimes be hard to adjust to. In making the transition one must always be careful to balance what he wants and what he needs to do.

The amount of freedom we receive is one of the main changes between high school and college. The former is full of rules and regulations that we are forced to follow. We have to listen to everything our teachers, principals, and parents tell us. But as we walk into the world of college, many of those rules and regulations are transformed into loose guidelines and thus we are just thrown right out of the window. In high school we are forced by school administrators to go to school on time, go to class, follow the school rules. We are forced by teachers to get to our classes on time, and to do our assignments. Our parents make us follow their rules, such as curfews, chores and other regulations. But in college all of this disappears. No curfews, no chores, and no attendance. In college we are given guidelines for success, and it is our choice if we want to follow them or not.

This is where responsibility comes into play. It always comes with freedom. If we never do any of the things we were forced to do in high school, we will never make it through college. The more freedom we are given, the more responsibility we have to take on. In college we have to take care of ourselves and get things done on our own. People are not around any more to constantly tell us what to do, and how and where to do it. Without the enforcement of rules we have to take it upon ourselves to do what we need. If not, we may find ourselves dropped out of college, working at a dead end job, living in a dirty apartment without friends. Nobody wants this, so our problem is balancing our responsibilities. As we change over from high school to college, we face more and more responsibility that can be overwhelming at times.

Another way that high school and college differ is the classes we take. The classes at college rely on doing work on your own, rather



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