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Adding Drops of Vinegar Would Affect the Mass of the Tablet

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Essay Preview: Adding Drops of Vinegar Would Affect the Mass of the Tablet

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The reason why I conducted this experiment is to see if adding drops of vinegar would affect the mass of the tablet. Usually- when you eat food you would gain 1-2 pounds. Why is that? This is because the food’s calories would add up in you. Getting a certain amount of calories would cause you to gain weight. How does THAT connects to THIS experiment? This is because just like in this experiment, if we add a certain amount of acid onto the tablets it would affect the mass. We are trying to figure out if the mass would increase OR decrease. I also have different amount of drops, some of the tums would get the lesser amount which is 5 drops while the others were a bit more higher like 10,15 and 20 drops. In addition, we are also trying to figure out if the results would be similar even though we had disparate amount of acid on the tums.


I can connect this project to the helicopter lab report we did on September. On the helicopter report we had to try out 4-5 different types of paper helicopters and see which one can fall onto the ground the fastest and which can stay up in the sky the longest. Just like the tum’s lab report we had to do many trials and the results were just as shocking as this lab report. We thought that the construction paper would actually fall the quickest since it looked heavier and more denser than the printed paper but nope. We were proved wrong. Even though it LOOKED more thick it actually weighed the same amount as the printed paper. There mass were both the same,which was 0.8 grams(Not the whole piece of paper). In this experiment, we had to do the same thing but this time we had to see if the amount of acid would influence the tums. Like I said before these results actually blowed me away. I thought that the more acid you add onto the tums the heavier it was going to get. Unfortunately, for both the less and high amounts of acid we add- the results stayed the same. Between the numbers:2.5(dropped) 2.6(original mass), 2.7(increased 1 gram), or 2.8(most rarest to reach).

Some websites that I used to help me with this experiment was the chemical weathering website and the… website. These websites are talking about how rocks are being broken down into smaller pieces. In addition, they were also talking about different types of chemical weathering. The first one is hydrolysis, this is the chemical



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