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About a Boy by Nick Hornby

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About a Boy, by Nick Hornby

1. How did Kurt Cobain’s suicide affect the characters? Support your case with examples from the novel. Cite the page number(s) for support. 30 word minimum

On the day that Kurt Cobain attempts suicide Marcus is reminded of his mother’s suicide attempt and begins to cry in Ellie’s presence. It is evident how the fear of his mother committing suicide continues to worry him.

2. Describe Will´s and Marcus´ special bond. What connects them? How are they alike and how are they dissimilar? How do they complement each other? Support your case with examples from the novel. Cite the page number(s) for support. 70 word minimum

Will and Marcus are very much unlike. Will is in his mid-thirties and enjoys a bachelor lifestyle in London but Marcus is a 12 year old boy and goes to elementary school. Will lives a luxurious life without needing to work due to a lucrative Christmas hit by his father, while Marcus living with his mum struggles to find a balance between pleasing his mum and popular culture. Will is incredibly self centered and unable to connect with other people. He is concerned with appearance and scared by commitment and love. Marcus is the direct opposite to Will and is desperate for love and does not care about appearance. Although their relationship is initially somewhat strained, they finally succeed in striking up a true friendship. Will´s unusual friendship with Marcus teaches him to be more accepting and selfless and Marcus's friendship with Will allows him to grow in confidence and become a much more rounded figure. The two of them develops a friendship, mostly because both have something that the other need.

3. Both main characters have problems with fitting into the social norm. What is being suggested about romantic relationships and family life in the novel? 50 words minimum.

Marcus has problems at home and at school and is absolutely wasted when it comes to hair, clothing and music. Marcus lives with his single, depressive mother and although he is only twelve years old and struggles with growing up, he thinks like a grown up and acts even older then his own mom. He is in need for acceptance outside of his own family and he is searching for his own identity. The other main character in the book is the 36 year old Will in his own extended childhood. He is also searching for his identity not wanting to lose his youth and he seems not to find a way to grow up. They are both looking for love and acceptance but in different places.

4. How does Marcus’ friendship with Ellie change him? What does he learn about making friends? Support your case with examples from the novel. Cite the page number(s) for support. 70 word minimum

The meeting with Ellie changes Marcus life. She is a rebellious girl that loves Nirvana and their lead singer. She was Marcus’s first real friend, and she thought him how to stand up for himself and fight for himself.

Marcus feels a new sense of confidence when he is with her as children are afraid to harass him. He feels safe when he is with her because she was scary to the other kids at school and stood stood up for her own rights by being a rebellion, for instance by refusing to take of the Kurt Cobain t-shirt, which she wasn’t allowed to wear.

5. There is a pivotal scene during the Christmas Dinner at Marcus´ house? Describe the scene and interpret its importance for the story. Support your case with examples from the novel. Cite the page number(s) for support. 70 word minimum

Marcus invited Will to a Christmas party at his house. Even though Will did not like those kinds of parties he attended anyway. Fiona, Will and Marcus had a great time until Suzie arrived and realized that Will invented a son at the meeting just so she wo0uld sympathize with him. She believed that Will humiliated other people with his lying. Something big happened to Will at that party. He met Rachel and he fell in love. Will found out she had a son Allie so



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