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About Loose Change

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Patricia Zavaleta

Recently I viewed the documentary "loose change" written and directed by Dylan Avery. This documentary claims that the U.S. government was behind the 9/11 tragedy where many lives were lost. I agree with the documentaries accusations; from the conspiracy behind Pentagon, World Trade Center, and finally flight 93. There explanations for 9/11 are simple; the attacks were a series of cleverly planned

events carried out by our U.S. government not the result of terrorism as most Americans have been lead to believe.

The Pentagon was one of few events on 9/11 that just did not seem to add up. After watching loose change I can see why. The film Claims that American Airlines Flight 77 could have not possibly crashed into the Pentagon; the damages left on the building did not match one of a commercial airline. The damages seemed more to have matched a cruise missile or a smaller military aircraft. The film proves this by examining the debris; the only thing is that there was too little if not no debris left behind. Further more, the film states that the debris left behind are inconsistent with other commercial airplane crashes, and even its corresponding parts do not match. There was something clearly going on that day that only the government had knowledge of. For example, there were tapes that nearby neighbors, such as the Sheraton hotel, had captured on it surveillance camera's. You would think that the government would play these tapes to the public to shut those none believers up or at least for those who lost a loved one on flight 77, but instead minutes after the attacks on the Pentagon F.B.I. agents were sent over to pick the tapes up and tell those who had seen or watched the events to keep quit.

All in all I just can't help but agree with the film.

Secondly, the World Trade Center, one could have not even come to terms with those two beautiful building coming down the way they did. That's because they should have not! The film gives facts on why that is. The World Trade Center 1, 2 were not triggered by the planes; there is proof that claims that there was a series of explosions within the buildings detonated shortly before each building collapsed. Further on, later that evening, WTC7, a 47 story office building that was hundreds of feet away from the North Tower, suddenly collapsed. Included in this building were its tenants that included the CIA, DOD, IRS, Secret Service, and Rudy Guiliani's emergency bunker. The film goes on to ask why would this building collapse. The official explanation that was given was that, Falling debris from the Twin Towers created an internal fire which ignited several fuel tanks inside the building. If this was what had taken place that day it would be the third building in history to collapse because of a fire, the first two



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