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About College Stress

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The stresses among college students can vary between students. Traditional students and non-traditional students each face different stresses. Many of these stresses are similar, but some are distinctly different. Each of these stresses factor into the eventual success of the student.

The stresses that face both groups can include adjusting your study habits and needing to study more per class. The pace is faster and the subjects harder than in high school. Finances can also be included in this group of stresses. Just coming up with the money for classes can cause stress.

Traditional students are those that go straight to college after high school who tend to rely on their parents still. There is stress from parents expecting good grades in order to still be supported by them. Classes are bigger in college than in high school. The transition of being on your own can also cause additional stress as these students strive to establish themselves an adult person in their parents and peer's eyes.

Non-traditional students face some different stresses. The stress of just going back to school, after being out of high school for awhile, is a big adjustment. Understanding instructions clearly from the teachers, getting feedback from teachers and students are limited with the use of online classes by the pace of the preset schedule. The financial stress of going to school and working, just trying to get your bills paid as well as succeed in coursework makes non-traditional students sometimes need to choose between normal activities with friends or the coursework that demands more of their time.



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