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Abortion Legalized Leads to Assault

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Essay Preview: Abortion Legalized Leads to Assault

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This article "Pro-Life Laws Lead to Assault" by Steven Ereit is intrusive, and completely opinionated. This article noticeably mentions that many incidents of killings and assaults that have gone on between young teenagers are the direct result of legalized abortion. It is stated in the article by Ereit that having abortion legalized shows teens that killing is one of the solutions to life's problems. Also that if the soon to be mother doesn't comply with having the abortion the soon to be father has the right to assault or even kill their wives/girlfriends. The law making abortion legal doesn't insist on anyone killing to solve the problems in their life. The contemplation of killing for peace comes from that persons own mental state or family background. Ereit's conclusion is based on his own personal opinions, and is completely invalid.

It's clearly stated in the article that legalized abortion is stating that killing is the solution to life's problems. That instead of abortion these teens need help in making good decisions about sex, relationships, and responsibility. Ereit made the point that since abortion was legalized and teens have been notified about this fact they have no need for important information about sex, and relationships.

Teenagers being taught about safe sex, and making smart decisions when it comes towards relationships is based on their environment while growing up. The fact that abortion was made legal has nothing to do with teenagers not making good decisions when it comes to matters of the opposite sex. Parents, Guardians, or important people in that child life are supposed to teach them what's right and what's wrong.

Ereit also mentioned that since abortion was made legal, soon to be fathers feel that they have the right to take matters into their own hands and give the mother an abortion. The law making abortion legal in no way gives or states that the father has any rights to abort the baby himself. The decision on what will be done with the child is left strictly up to the mother. The father has no right to that baby until it is out of its mother's womb.

The article Ereit wrote was totally invalid and a bunch of opinions. There was no valid information to back up what he was saying. Abortion doesn't teach teens that killing is the solution to all life's problems. That teen's background and parental guidance is what gives



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