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Abortion Laws

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Dylan Lucas

Abortion Laws

Abortion law is a huge topic of discussion in the United States. In the US, abortion is legal if the woman chooses to go through with it. I highly disagree with this outrages law for abortion to be legal. It first of all is murdering a child, you're never giving the child a chance to live their life out, and there are also other plans to deal with the child other than raising the baby yourself. This is a very harsh law that results in so many deaths of babies over the years and they never even get a chance to live their life out. There are so many statistics and logic leading to what should be the end of this ridiculous laws.

First, this is the murder of a child. If killing a man is a murder then why is killing a "to be born baby" any different? It isn't. Any killing of any human life should be considered as murder. This shows that the law of abortion being legal is against the law in itself. This also leads to a huge decrease in the human population in the US. As pastor Chandler from The Village Church in Texas said, "It's a holocaust like the world has yet to see," and this is very accurate. 1.2 million abortions take place EACH YEAR in the US. This is an insane amount of killings of children that could be living out their lives, but are prevented and murdered before they get a chance. Which leads me perfectly to my next point.

Second, you're not even giving the child a chance to live and grow up and get to experience the life they are given.



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