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Abortion - Argumentative Essay

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In my argumentative Essay, I am arguing that abortion is wrong and

not to be mistaken with 'Abortion should be made illegal.' I will

explain later why I have made this statement.

Abortion is the termination of an unborn child in its mother's womb

for up to twenty four weeks of the pregnancy or in special

circumstances e.g. Disability diagnosis a termination right up until

the mother goes in to labour. I think the above definition is an

easier and less harsh way of saying that abortion is the murdering of

a human being.

There are several reasons why abortion is legal and several reasons

why it shouldn?t be. I believe there are five3 main ways of preventing

abortion and this is why it is wrong and should be illegal.

My first point that concerns the prevention abortion is contraception

could be made more easily available. I believe that this is the best

and most effective way of reducing abortion because the fact is that

it is not as accessible as it could be and that a large population

does not know how to use contraceptives.

My second point is that sex education should be taught properly by a

teacher or that teenagers should be made to take a course which

explains all the aspects of sex and pregnancy. Research tells that a

large number of teenagers do not know how reproduction works or even

know what is going on in their bodies. Although teachers are meant to

teach this, a lot of teenagers will not understand or may just dismiss

the matter and will learn from television or other teenagers and may

be misled in to believing certain things about the matter e.g. The hit

television soap ?Coronation Street? had a story line involving a

teenage girl who got pregnant and her life turned out fine with no

disadvantages. Although some girls may believe this can happen, it is

very unlikely. I also feel that parents should not have to bear this

burden as it may be embarrassing or uncomfortable explaining this to a

teenager. Although on the other hand people may say ?Is it

embarrassing if it prevents pregnancy??

The third way of preventing abortion is to increase the involvement of

men in the relationship. I think that the father has a very big

responsibility because as people say ?It takes two to tango?. If a

father was introduced in to the picture there is a high chance that

both parents will work together and raise the baby.

My fourth way of preventing abortion is to introduce new birth control

methods but with out the government funding which would cause a raise

in tax and the public would not pay because some people would think

that abortion is not a good enough reason to raise taxes.

My fifth and final point on how to prevent abortion is to make society

friendly and easier on children/teenagers. Research shows that America

has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies partly because of the

environment they grow up in. If there was pressure taken off children

the numbers of teen pregnancies would drop along with the number of


I now want to talk about the reasons for abortion. The main reasons

for abortion are rape, teenage pregnancy, prostitution and disability


Apart from rape I believe these are all very bad excuses to make

abortion legal. Although pregnancy from rape doesn?t happen very

often, it does happen. Rape is a terrible ordeal for a woman to go

through and if abortion has to be legal this is the only reason for

it. If a woman does get pregnant from a case like rape and a child is

born then this child may remind the mother of her attacker, on the




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