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Abandon Your Mobile Phone and Have a Healthy Life

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Essay Preview: Abandon Your Mobile Phone and Have a Healthy Life

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Abandon Your Mobile Phone and Have A Healthy Life

Social media is changing rapidly people’s life as a new form of communication, especially the widespread use of the mobile phones, the computers and other electronic products. The use of social media can provide great convenience for people’s work, study and recreation. It is widely believe that the developing process of social media is one of hope and optimism. However, social media is a double-edged sword. Gradually, many people such as young adults start to depend on the use of social media and be addicted to the virtual world. The addictive surfing may have a serious impact on their health, such as causing ill health, sleeplessness, daytime fatigue and other psychological problems. In fact, more psychological problems appear to be on people’s body and need to be solved in appropriate ways as quickly as possible. The essay will tell you what the psychological problems and their optimal solutions are.

The most serious psychological problem of using social media is the social media addiction. Social media has been an important part of modern society. The great fun and allure causes many people abandon themselves to social software. This long period of dependency makes people use social media incessantly, and the result makes for addictive seeing and hearing. Neil Vidyarthi(2011) says he personally believes that social media can be addictive, such as using Facebook. Most people don’t realize the voyeuristic tendency is very high. They are all interested in what others are doing. Facebook help them realize their wish which they never really do before. It is so fascinating to them and they can be easily addicted. As is known to all, the social media addiction may cause the individual to lose out on other things on his life. The addition will disorganize people’s normal life and damage their mind. For example, a person can stay on WeChat for five or six hours and that can be very dangerous. Therefore, some people are suffering from the torment of the social media addiction and they eagerly need correct ways to break the bad habit.

People need their consciousness and tenacity to fight with the social media addiction. There are many solutions help people change the bad habit. However, getting rid of the social media addiction is not an overnight cure. It is a huge challenge for most people who are addicted to social media. Social media addiction become addicted not to the real act, such as making friends, working or tripping. On the contrary, it becomes addicted to the pleasure derived from those actions. That is why breaking out of the social media addiction is so hard. Brent (2013) thinks people know that one should be doing something else, however, it pains them to stop. Certainly, ending something pleasurable is a very difficult thing. In the fact, people can follow the right ways to break their social media addiction. Firstly, thinking of why people get much pleasure from social media. There is a potential problem which they are escaping something from real life. Secondly, talking to a professional therapist after finding the potential cause. Seeking external support actively is good for people to get effective help. Thirdly, building more real supportive relationships is necessary and significant. People gradually need to get rid of relying the relationships from social media and the internet by human communication, such as setting aside time for accompanying family and friends and joining local clubs and groups. Finally, limiting people to overuse internet and reducing their time on the internet. People need to spend more time on the real life and less time on the virtual world. The way is propitious to most people who want to get rid of the social media addiction. In the fact, people can choose anyone of these measures to break out of the bad habit so long as they dare to change themselves.



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