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A Web Site That Chokes

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Not all electric vehicles are the same. Big name auto manufacturers have offered up a pitiful handful of slow, cumbersome cars that are usually only available via a leasing program. They have sacrificed speed for distance, arguing that this is the only way to make electric powered vehicles a viable and safe alternative to gasoline fueled cars. This has served to hamper the growth of the industry and keep the public dependent on fossil fuels. But there is a growing number of enthusiasts who thumb their noses at this notion. They have chosen speed over distance and are promoting their cause through racing events and demonstrations. If you can't attend the upcoming championship in Denver, Colorado, you can keep up with recent news and results of previous races via the world wide web. You need only point your web browser to and find out about the exciting sport of electric drag-racing.

NEDRA stand for the National Electric Drag Racing Association. The organization is comprised of fans and electric vehicle(EV) owners who strive to increase the public's awareness and encourage advances in technology through competition. Their web site serves to apprise netizens of upcoming events, information on joining NEDRA and links to other EV sites. The site includes the association's charter, the official NEDRA rulebook and even lists current record holders complete with statistics and thumbnail pictures. The page is composed of two frames. The thin left-hand frame is a navigational tool bar with headings which take the viewer further into the site. The page chosen is then viewed in the right-handed frame. On each page there are included further links for the clarification of information or to some other area of interest. The sites sponsor is always positioned at the top of the right hand frame. The banner advertises Wilde Evolutions, "Your best connection for High Performance EV Components." The site was produced by NEDRA members and hosted by NETLimited. No information is available on the individuals but a link is provided to NETLimited. When pressed my AOL browser responds that this is an unknown host.

The site was designed to provide anyone interested in the sport with as much information as possible about the group and its efforts. It embraces the curious with an excited manner and bold headings. The main page carries the associations logo, a cartoon dragster made out of a lightening bolt. There is a somewhat fuzzy photo of the dragster "Current Eliminator" tearing off the starting line, tires spinning and smoke curling away. Colorful banners scream "New" and "Updated!" in front of recent news items. The site tries to appeal to the fun-loving enthusiast, while striving to maintain some decorum of a serious, bonefide informational page. Under its membership link there is an incentive for schools to get involved. There is an Educational Membership offered to students provided their instructor is also a member. This encourages young people to explore and build their own vehicles for competition. As paraphrased from the group's charter they wish to maintain a safe sport, dispel common misconceptions about electric vehicles and have fun while doing so.

The web site is linear in its representation of material. The left hand frame carries the main headings and clicking on anyone takes you to another frame on the right side of the screen. It is very basic



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