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A Short Film

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[Camera pans in on a caterpillar nest. Nest is covered in sprinkles for no apparent reason. Steve Irwin type narrator is standing beside the nest]

Narrator: Here we get our first exciting glimpse into the mysterious world of the caterpillar. These nests are like training centers where the baby caterpillars grow and learn. All young caterpillars are called Ernesto, this causes terrible confusion but it keeps the caterpillars from mobilizing a force and rising against us. This defense against the caterpillar menace was conceived by out top scientists back in the 40's, shortly after we had freed ourselves from the tyrannical rule of our caterpillar overlords. Because of the malice they still bear towards us it's dangerous for me to be this close to a nest, but it's a risk I have to take to study these beautiful creatures.

[Jarring chord plays]

Narrator: Ah, that's the infamous caterpillar war yodel. I'd best back off in case they decide to attack.

[Shuffling movement of camera]

Narrator: Remember, I'm a trained professional, I deal with dangerous creatures like caterpillars on a daily basis but it's just not safe for the general public to attempt. Believe me, you do not want to be on the wrong side of a caterpillar attack. Now, we have a more clear view of the...

[Narrator looks off screen and sees something]

Narrator: Wait, wait what's this? It seems the caterpillars weren't warning me off at all. There's a dragon approaching, I didn't see him earlier because these buggers are masters of disguise. You can look right at them and still not realize it's a dragon.

[Camera moves to a shot of a Dragon approaching the nest. Dragon is wearing a shirt that says 'NOT A DRAGON' and is carrying a can of hairspray and a lighter. Dragon walks up to nest]

Narrator: [Quietly] The dragon is the mortal enemy of the caterpillar and this one is a real beaut.

[Caterpillar nest shakes, jarring chord plays again]

Narrator: [Quietly] They're getting awfully antsy. Now it comes down to a battle of wills, whoever strikes first will be the one to walk away from this.

[Jarring chords play. Dragon shakes hairspray and flicks lighter experimentally]

Narrator: [Quietly] Though it's hard for the untrained eye to see the dragon is preparing it's infamous fire attack. This is an amazing moment in nature, it's nothing short of a miracle that we're capturing a confrontation like this on film.

[Dragon sets fire to the caterpillar nest. Entrance of the Gladiators plays]

Narrator: [Excitedly] Amazing, just fantastic! You can hear the distinctive calliope-like death knell of the caterpillar. Aw, look at the dragon, how majestic, how noble in it's victory!

[Dragon shrugs and walks off screen]

Narrator: Just beautiful. It's remarkable the balance these creatures keep and the important part they play on our ecosystem.

[Dragon walks back on screen carrying a bag of marshmallows and a pointed stick. Scene ends]

[Second scene: Camera is panned out. A dragon is sitting on the sidewalk trying to burn a French fry with a magnifying glass. Camera zooms in on a different French fry laying on the sidewalk, Narrator is kneeling beside it]

Narrator: Here we see the caterpillar after its warlike 'Ernesto' stage. It is now in its second stage called the chrysalis, or 'crunchy' stage. The caterpillar has formed a protective shell around itself as it undergoes



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