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A Rose for Emily

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Essay Preview: A Rose for Emily

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When one lives his/her life in the public eye it is often difficult to live up to everyone's expectations. These repressions often lead these people to use radical methods to fulfill their own needs. A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner to portray the idea that society's view on a "celebrity" can not only be powerful but also destructive.

Miss Emily Grierson is the socialite of her town. Naturally with this status there is a certain reputation she has to withhold. She not only represents her family name but in a sense the people of her town. Because she is such a dominant figure the townspeople have put her on a pedestal and are very judgmental of her actions. During the time in which her father was alive Emily was seen as a figure to be admired but never touched. Many sutures she had but according to her father none were suitable enough. Emily was revered as a goddess in the townspeople's eyes.

When her father passed it was a devastating loss for Emily. Never being able to developed any real relationship with anyone else it was like her world completely crumbled around her. Emily tried to hold on to him in some way even though his spirit had left. The townspeople subtlety but open objected to this and eventually took his body away. Although this was a sad moment for Emily it was in a sense liberating. She cut off her hair as a sign of breaking away from her father's control. For the first time in her life she felt free even though she was already thirty years old.

With this restraint being cut and this new found freedom Emily set out to fulfill her desires of finding love and living her own life. In Homer Barron a laborer from the north, Emily founded love. This odd relationship shocked the towns people and they were in turmoil over how to resolve this problem. In Emily's distant cousins they found a resolution. With these cousins now placed in town to watch over Emily they believed everything would change back to normal. As time passed the people began to recognize the genuine happiness Emily displayed and instead of rejecting the relationship they embraced it. Despite the joy the two expressed all knew it was a matter of time before Homer would leave Emily, like everyone else did but for the moment they vested in her beauty and jubilance.

Although the townspeople did not directly come into contact with Emily their views on her and her family



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