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A Rock Will Break

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A Rock Will Break

When you think of the image of a soldier, you might picture a hardened being, or that tough guy portrayal. No one ever thinks of a soldier crying. You say that is impossible because they are trained to feel no pain or even express the emotion of pain. I must say I have witnessed soldiers crying on certain occasions. The event I’m mainly speaking of is a fallen soldier’s memorial. I have been to several memorials, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place.

As you enter the chapel, you see the First Sergeant standing tall with his feet together and his shoulders cocked back. You can just tell that he is ready to call some commands. The First Sergeant barks out a name, “Private Jones”, and then out from the back of the room squeaks a young voice, “Here First Sergeant.” “Specialist Smith” bellows the First Sergeant and again from the back a response, “Present”. The First Sergeant commands “Specialist Williams” and there was no reply, in an even louder tone, “Specialist Williams”, and all that could be heard is the faint sounds of sniffles from the crowd. The First Sergeant echoes out one last time, “Specialist Williams”. By this time the faint sniffles have become present and overwhelming. The First Sergeant turns around and reports to the commander of the troops with the news of absence in the ranks.

The Captain asks aloud if anyone knew why Specialist Williams was not present. The chapel was so silent that you could literally hear crickets chirping. In a very heart warming and compassionate way the Chaplain walks up to the Captain and reads a report. “Specialist Williams was relieved of his duties yesterday while he was on patrol carrying out his mission. Today his new mission will be to serve with our fallen comrades.” After the Chaplain reads his report and then calmly returns to his seat. The commander asks his troops if anyone would like to come up to the front and speak of our dearly lost. A few soldiers stand up and with a monstrous roar, “Sir, I would love to, Sir”. After what seems like an eternity, these soldiers are giving what can only be described as a true love for their brother in arms.



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