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A Road of Decision (muddy Road)

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Essay Preview: A Road of Decision (muddy Road)

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A Road of Decision

I feel that the meaning of "Muddy Road" could be interpreted in different ways. The meaning that I have come to feel from the story is that sometimes in our lives we can be burdened by the smallest of things. The life we live is a long, windy road even muddy at times. This is where it is your choice to do what you are feeling needs to be done.

In reading "Muddy Road" the two monks, Tanzan and Ekido, were traveling on a road that likely resembles life. Being monks they were not suppose to have communication with women. Then came along a beautiful woman that could not cross the intersection, this was because of the mud. Tanzan, knowing that he was not supposed to associate with women had the choice of helping her or leaving her to find her own way across. Tanzan then, going against his own beliefs, helped the woman in need. This angered Ekido enough to not talk for the rest of the day. Finally when they spoke to each other again, Ekido asked Tanzan why he had done that. Tanzan said he left the girl behind meaning that he helped her and then went on with his journey. Tanzan then asked Ekido if he was still carrying her. This meaning, are you carrying the regret of not helping her.

"Muddy Road" does have a very well thought out meaning. I believe it's saying that you have a choice when it comes to helping a person in need. The choice is always going to be yours. You have to be the one to decide whether or not it is the correct choice, and remember you might regret the wrong choice.

Levi Wolski

Tulsa Community College (Student)




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