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A Play by the Third Year Santinig Class

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Essay Preview: A Play by the Third Year Santinig Class

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A play by the third year Santinig Class


Setting: Concert Stage

        The story will open with a concert the concert will be that of a rock star in a four man band. The song fills the audience with excitement. After the concert the vocalist will proceed to his dressing room. (CROWD SURF).

Announcement: Let us welcome again on stage Rocky Dafun for his final song tonight! Everyone make some noise!

Assistant 1: I swear to God three more concerts like these and my eardrums are gonna blow up.

Assistant 2: yeah I think the crowds shout louder than the last one.

  • Rocky approaches after waving to the crowd.

Assistant 2: Rocky, I am surprised you’re still as energetic as ever.

Rocky: well you better keep up. Boss texted me and he arranged 20 more concerts.

Assistant 1: ( drinking water and spits it out in surprise) what?! (Grabs assistant 2), I beg you kill me now!                

Assistant 2: You look dead already to me.

Rocky:             - (laugh loudly) I’ll see you tomorrow guys.

                     -walks towards his dressing room.    Somebody greets him telling him he did another amazing concert and smiles back.

                 -He enters and starts to get extremely worried, picks up his phone and tries to call someone.

Rocky: Come on! Come on! Pick up! Pick up! Hello you need to get me out of here, I’m sorry I did not believe you.

-voice from outside the room………

-sir how can I help you


-men holding guns enter the room.

Rocky: Who are you? Why are you here?

Gunman/ Police man: Tumahimik ka! (He hands out a phone to Rocky).

-Man on the phone: you thought I wouldn’t find out?

Rocky:   please…please don’t kill me I wont say anything.

Man on the phone: I find that hard to believe, especially after how you tried to call the police. But you should know by now anyone can be paid.

Rocky:  No! I promise you I will forget whatever I saw.

Man on the phone   ; enough of this nonsense! Take him!

                  -Rocky will struggle then freeze

(Evil Music)

Inner thoughts of Rocky: how did I ended up in this situation, when everything seemed to be going well, why this? Why now? What did I do wrong in the past?

Setting: Inside a classroom

-The character of Joshua Panganiban is introduced. He is being bullied inside the classroom by his classmates. There is currently a class going on but the focus will be Joshua and the bullies who secretly make fun of him in class.

Bully 1: Ganda ng bag mo aa.. Mukha mokumusta? (Everyone near them giggles)
Somebody throws a ball of paper at him from the back. (Everyone giggles)

Teacher: Mr. Daleja are you listening?

Bully 1: Yes sir!

Teacher: Very well then, how many pouches does a Kangaroo have?

Bully 2: (whispers to Joshua) o ano yung sagot, ano yung sagot, sabihin mo kundi..

Joshua Panganiban: (he shows his hands indicating one)

Bully one tries to say two.. but hes cohorts tells him that it is one.

Bully 1: Ahh Tw.. ay one sir, one po, one po opo. Hehe

Teacher: Hmm wait I have another---

-Bell rings…

-Everyone hurriedly stands up.

Teacher: (In a shouting manner) Ok class please remember to pass your projects next meeting!

-Most of the class has already left the room except Joshua and his teacher.

Teacher: Joshua are you okay?

Joshua: Yes sir, I am fine (responds enthusiastically albeit a fake one)

Teacher: Okay, I’ll see you next week then.

-Teacher exits

Joshua sees that his classmate accidentally forgot about his guitar.

Joshua: Isn’t this Jason’s guitar? (Looks around)

He tries it out. Plays a song. A sad song.

Before he finishes his song Jason and Alex enter the room filled with awe with the voice of Joshua.

Alex: Seems like the guitar suits him more than you do.

Joshua: Oh god, I’m so sorry. I should have asked for your permission first. It is not right---

Jason: Nah don’t worry about it.

Alex: I must say you really have a good voice. You should really join our school choir. Jason and I are currently part of it.

Joshua: Uhmmm… I don’t kno---

Alex: Hay naku, cge na, believe me you’ll feel right at home with us.

Joshua: I guess I ca---

Alex: It settled then!

Jason: Ayos! By the way I never got your name, what was it again?

Joshua: My name is Joshua, Joshua Panganiban.

Setting: Chapel

The choir just finished practicing and everyone leaves except the three.

Alex looks at Jason with a smirk on his face.

Jason: What?....

Alex: Hmmm! paka idk ka nanaman.

Jason: Ano nga?!

Alex: Pasikat kananaman kanina sa practice.

Jason: I was just doing my job, besides what’s wrong with being the best?

Alex:  Hahahaha are you sure youre the best, how about we put that to the test.

Jason: And who could possibly beat me?

- Alex calls Joshua who is already packing his stuff from a distance.

Alex: Joshua,,, uhmmm could you sing this part again, I cannot remember the tune.

Joshua: Which part?

Alex: This part.

Joshua: That entire part?

Alex: Yes

Joshua: Uhmm I am not sure but I will try.

  • Alex looks at Jason with a smirk on his face.

Joshua sings the part

  • A man wearing a suit passes by the chapel with two body guards.

Body guard 1: Mr. Coco 2x

Mr. Coco: What!



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