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A Perfect Getaway

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A Perfect Getaway

Friday after class, I leave out of here feeling a sense of relief that I get to go to my favorite place, our family camp in Roane County. Ecstatic, finally to be away from the hustle and stress of everyday college life, living on my own. To some it may be just a camper on top of a hill, but to me it means much more. It is an oasis, a way for my family and I to get away and spend time together, enjoying the outdoors.

Upon awaking, I feel a sense of calm, thinking that life couldn't be any better than what it is right now. As I look upon the mountains I see mist rising from the night before; right in front of me, the smell of a fire slowly simmering its way out. As I stumble around, barely awake from my rest the night before, I feel happy that I am finally at the place where I feel the most comfortable, the most like Holly. As the morning sun starts to rise over the mountains, my mom is busy cooking a good old fashioned breakfast; while my dad, on the other hand, is stoking the fire for us to get warmed up. While looking around, I realize that my cat is prowling around trying to catch birds and my dog is just lying around being her lazy self.

When breakfast is over it is time to get showered and ready for the day ahead. By this time, the sun is out full blast, taunting us to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. I walk around enjoying nature, and the beauty of God's creations. The smell of hamburgers and hotdogs overwhelm the air as my dad is busy playing chef on the grill. As I set down to rest, the sun is beats down on me and I enjoy every minute of it, knowing that in a few short weeks the cold weather will be on the way. I make my way over to the grill and grab me some food before it's all gone. We set down as a family and eat while the sun is slowing climbing down behind the mountains. I know that the days are getting shorter and that my time to go back to college is drawing closer.

The sun has finally set, and we are getting our warm clothes on as the breeze picks up. Mom pulls out the marshmallows and dad starts the fire. I hear the owls screeching in the trees as the moon beams down lighting everything up like a match in a dark room. Setting around the fire, we share stories and laughs that I know I will cherish for the rest of my life. The smoke from the camp fire is encasing me and we joke about how smoke follows beauty. My sister pokes the fire,



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