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A Midsummer Nights Dream

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i dunn0.

By; orange lim

I used to think that life w0uld be easier if you had friends there t0 help y0u.its true. It has always been like that since the 6th grade.

Since the 6th grade there has always been the0ries of ЎҐgr0upingsÐŽ¦ in batches. Unf0rtunately that had t0 happen with me .

The 0nly way I survived the 6th grade til n0w is because of my family , friends and the pe0ple I l0ve.

My family is mainly my dad, my mum, my 0lder br0ther lems, me, my y0unger br0ther jay, and my y0unger sister Sab. We were like the perfect family f0r me. I think we are, because their mine. My dad was a business man, m0m is a lawyer, older br0 is a c0llege quarterback>others think of him as a dreamb0i, but t0 me, waking me up with a ЎҐwhapak!!ЎЁ of a pill0w in the m0rning makes me think of him as a nightmare!< I on the 0ther hand am ÐŽ§I thinkЎЁ the n0rmal 0ne. I am a member of the pep squad and the track team. Student by day trainee in track and pep on the aftern00n onwards.jay then is a basketball player. Sab then is the strangest. She is the j0ker in the family. S0mewhat like the ÐŽ§luis stevensЎЁ of the family. But she excels in the fields 0f v0lleyball.and in math.

Then there are my friends. Theres tammi, a ÐŽ§study first bef0re anythingЎЁ type a girl. Mariel a team cap in v0lleyball.tara, a c0-cap in v0lleyball. Thea and MR 2 0ver achievers, but MR m0stly acts like a cl0wn.strict th0ugh. Then thereÐŽ¦s kat. A great seatmate. We usually had breakfast together coz we usually were the early c0mers to class. All of us are n0w in the 9th grade. Trying to make it to the top.

Last yet the greatest is Chin0.he isnÐŽ¦t a chink though. i just like calling him that. His full name is Zigfried Derek Bartholomew. But he doesnÐŽ¦t look that of a Zigfried. I only call him that when I get mad at him. Then he says ÐŽ§howÐŽ¦d it go back to Zigfried?ЎЁ then heÐŽ¦d know IÐŽ¦m angry..

So this is where the story starts.

I was on my way to school but my m0m said ÐŽ§orange, where d0 you think your going?ЎЁ I said ÐŽ§to school.. for trainingЎЁ. she then had a smile on her face then s0me0ne blind f0lded me and guided me t0wards what I think was the backyard. So walking there he guided me only holding my hand. With the feel of his hand I kinda started thinking it was Chin0.>>but wh0 knew?right?my class< my ex-ЎҐs and my family and c0uzs.then I saw a big banner hanging on 2 trees saying Happy Birthday orange which was really cute. it l00ked like this.

Then as Chin0 held my hand, my Dad said ÐŽ§0k.Lets all sing Happy Birthday..ЎЁ so as they were ab0ut t0 sing Chin0 had to let go of my hand. Then as they were singing it my 0lder br0, Lems came in with a cake. It was a cake shaped like a star with the same writing as the banner. Exactly the same except the part where my y0ungest c0uzin M0nty t0uched by accident. S0 after the wh0le singing-singing my dad said make a wish. I made the best wish I c0uld ever wish f0r.but of c0urse I didnÐŽ¦t say it out l0ud.

I wish that every one I love will always take care of me

As of their own selves.

And may G0d guide each and everyone I love so much.

And may Chin0 and I live l0nger t0gether.

And may each of us be successful in each of our lives.

And may I finally get my red Porsche I keep asking f0r almost 5 m0nths.

S0 I blew all 16 candles and smiled back. then I n0ticed my friends had dates. After the wh0le candle bl0wing thing my older br0 Lems said ÐŽ§GIFT TIME!!ЎЁ and I saw 2 r0und m0n0bl0ck tables full of gifts. S0 as I walked t0wards the 1st table chin0 hugged me fr0m behind and said that I sh0uld 0pen the biggest gift i see. S0 as I g0t t0ward the table I g0t the largest gift and 0pened it. The card said





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