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A Man from Thousands

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A man from thousands

Friendly, calm and wise is what he always was.

He is 54 years old and lives on his own in Eerbeek, a small village in province Gelderland (Holland).

He has five children, 3 boys and a girl twin. To him they are the most important reason to live.

Living day by day and never looks if the grass is greener on the other side.

He is looking after people all the time, but never wishes to receive something back.

If you are happy, he is happy.

People who knows him, wishes him to be the happiest man on earth.

But that’s something that is not going to happen right now…There’s a long story behind it.

Many times I wished I was just like him.

I’m talking about my dad…

Everywhere you come, you see that a lot of people who are rude, making it hard for themselves, or nagging about everything and think negative all the time. e.d. I wanted to give a treat during the lunch for my colleagues at my training period place (special primary school) It was my last day, so I wanted to do something nice.

I didn’t had a lot of contact with my colleagues during the training period. So not everyone knew who I was. I decided to put a note on the scale of cookies that I had brought. It sad: “This is my last day of my training period. I enjoyed my time here. I’ve learned a lot. Take a cookie and I wish you all the best. Kind regards, Sasha.” I thought it would be nice to sit together with my colleagues, in case they wanted to ask me some questions about what I wanted to do in the future or something like that.

I sat there and saw everyone reading my note, took a cookie and sat down. No one wondered from who that came from. No one was interested! I was very disappointed and upset.

I told my dad this story, and he sad: You actually had to pick up the scale with your cookies and note, and asked in general: Did you all liked the cookies? Don’t wait for any reaction and than leave the room and give the cookies away to the children.

He can give you advice or explain what is going on in a way, that makes you feel good too.

My dad never worried about the small things in life that most people would. You have no doubt at all about what he is telling you

I admire him for his patience.

Although he was sometimes very targeted, e.d. If he had to fix a bicycle and dinner was



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