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A Journey to Acceptance

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Throughout my life the most challenging obstacle that I've had to face has been self acceptance. As a child, I remember walking through school with my head hung low looking at my feet as if I expected them to carry me away. My personality, physical features, and economic status as a child influenced my attitude towards myself and contributed to me isolating myself from the crowd. I always wanted to fit in with my peers, but I allowed my fear of rejection to overcome me. I allowed others to control my life and surrendered my self satisfaction. As I transitioned from intermediate to junior high my self esteem began to develop due to maturity. While attending junior high I met my best friend Victoria. I instantly became connected with Victoria because we had so much in common. We both were in our adolescence struggling with loving ourselves for the individuals we were. I distinctly remember a conversation Victoria and I had while working as partners in our eighth grade English class. "I'm starting not to care what people say about me," Victoria announced confidently. "I feel the same way," I replied. "I realize everyone won't like you and you should be thankful for the people who do." Victoria exclaimed. "Yeah and as long as we have each other that's all that matters," I delightfully said. The conversation Victoria and I had was simple but the effect it had on me was very profound.

Finally, when I entered high school, my self acceptance soared. I began to see everyone was an individual and I started to accept the qualities that made me who I am. I begin to see the world through a new lens. My outlook on life was optimistic and I began to hold my head high. Although I began to better accept who I was in the ninth and tenth grade, I didn't fully accept who I am until my junior and senior year in high school. My grades increased dramatically, I won best dressed, and I met an indispensable amount of friends that I definitely would not have met if I maintained my atrocious look on life. My issues with self acceptance and myself have made me a strong and more confident person which is apparent to anyone who meets me today.

I learned that being invisible wasn't a way to survive and was instead very moot. I couldn't hide who I was because everything about me that differed from other people was as clear as my reflection in the mirror. I realized me not accepting myself wasn't



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