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A Heathly Change

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We often fail to realize that the choices we make may be unhealthy. Lifestyle choices affect our long term health. I would personally like to change my health because I would feel better about myself. It could also make an impact on my family and friends. I would like to make changes to my physical and mental health. I can do this by playing a sport, eating healthier and pursuing an education.

To start off, I would like to change one aspect of my physical health by playing a sport. When you play a sport, you have to practice alot. When you practice you get alot more exercise. I am playing soccer this year to improve my physical health. My sister also improved her heath by playing sports. That is why I am playing a sport to benefit myself and my health.

In addition, I would like to change my mental health by pursuing an education. I could do this by making good grades in high school. I can make those good grades by studying harder. It would also help if I could also pay better attention in class. The most important way to pursue my education is to go to college. That way I could improve my mental health.

Moreover, I would like to make another change to my physical health. I could improve my physical health by eating healthier. You can do this by eating more fruit and vegetables instead of junk food. You can also do this by not having an eating disorder. Did you know that eating better has been scientifically proven to be better for your health? One last way to eating healthier is to go on a small diet. All of these can improve your physical health.

Also, you can improve your lifestyle with relationship health. You can improve your social health by being more outgoing. If you are to shy them you might not be able to make many new friends. This can improve your social health. You can also improve your relationship health by communicating with your family and parents. When you start talking about your life you may be able to improve your health and relationships.

Without a doubt, I could make a change to my physical and mental health. I can do this by eating healthier, playing a sport and pursuing an education. I could make an example for my friends and family. You can set an example because I would be able to prove that anyone can improve their life by becoming healthier. You can do all this with just a little hard work and dedication.



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