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A Golfers Paradise

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A Golfer's Paradise

Its Seven in the morning and time to jump into the shower. As I very slowly get out of bed

and turn my alarm off, I reach for my towel and head for the bathroom. As im getting out of the

shower and drying off Im thinking to myself how nice of a morning it is. I look outside and there is a

beautiful blue sky with no clouds and no breeze. While getting dressed I reach for my nice slacks

and polo shirt, it's a bit chilly out so I grab a sweater as well. My breakfast consisted of some pop-

tarts and milk and after finishing that It was time to leave. I grabbed my car keys and headed to the

garage, I also made sure I had the precious cargo too. After a fifteen minute drive I finally reached

my destination, the Country Club.

The driveway to the clubhouse is long but already my body starts to tingle, the aura of a

prestigious course lurks just outside my car window. As I look around you can start to feel that the

she is waiting, waiting for my challenge. I can sense her personality and the obstacles she is putting

forth. I finally reach the parking lot and already im anticipating something great is going to happen.

My friends were already in the parking lot waiting for me to join them. When I got out of the car, the

smell of fresh cut grass instantly hit me as did the bright sun of the morning sunrise. As I walked

around my car, I opened my trunk to get out my golf clubs. I reached for my shoes and noticed that

my shoes still had grass stuck on the bottom from my previous round. It was time to go to the

clubhouse and pay my green fees, and then off to the first tee.

The morning glare from the sun can be seen as I look out at the dewy fairway of the first

hole. Im first up so I grab my driver from my golf bag and begin my stretches. One of my favorite

times during a golfing round is during the first tee because it brings back much memories and

feelings. When I step up to the first tee, sometimes you can feel its going to be a great day or its

gonna be one where I am trying to salvage par on almost every hole. As I step over the ball, I always

feel so nervous, even when playing with close friends, its this feeling that brings back memories from

when I played competitively. After a deep breath I take swing and that feeling of a great drive cannot

be replaced by a greater feeling. The feeling of hitting a little white ball with a stick right down the

middle is actually one of the greatest feelings. Sometimes while standing over the ball im thinking of

all the negative things that can go wrong with the shot, but to do the opposite is so rewarding. Even

though I shouldn't be thinking negatively in the first place.

After my first shot, the walk down the fairway is also a great way to open my mind and think

about everything that is going on in my life. It's always a great way to clear my head of the worlds

troubles and stressfulness. Although golf can be stressful at times when not playing well, still is less

stressful than trying to finish a project on time. While growing up, my dad used to drop me of at the

golf course and I'd play a round by myself. All my friends wondered why I wanted to play with just

myself, although it can be boring its just a great way to get away from everything and just be out

there alone.

Everyday is a new day in golf, one day you might conquer, and the next you might look like

a beginner. One day I might have four chip-ins, while another I wont be able to chip for the life of

me. Its this that keeps bringing me back, the fact that the next shot can be a great one. Seems odd

that someone could play a game like this for one adrenaline pumping shot, that may or may not

happen in a round. A famous golfer is quoted as saying that three bad shots and one good shot is still

par. That quote couldn't be more perfect for the everyday



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