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A Funny but True Story

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Essay Preview: A Funny but True Story

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this is how i did it. did what u may wonder, well to tell u the truth im not even sure how i did it.anyway, me and a few of my friends were sitting there and my friends ripped ass on a tree. i move because the stink was horrible and when i went to sit back down there was a huge shit colored mark on the tree. i didn't

tell anybody about it until we were about to leave,but when they all say it, they laughed we made fun of the fat ass who did it. because he probally had a big shit stain in his pants.but we didn't

want to check,so we just left it alone after that.we ended up staying at the tree for like an hour longer until we thought of something to do. nothing came to us, so we just kinda stood there punching each other in the stomach,until one of us farted on the tree. after three farts, the tree fell over on my skateboard.well it was better that my skateboard and not my ass. so that moral of the story is that if u fart on a tree make sure that the tree does not shake or tilt to one what you all came for hardcore nudity.......... not really but thats how every paper should end with a funny ending. like i better sit down before i shit myself or if i rip ass any more today , ill shit my pants.



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