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A Fire Tale

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A spark, dry grass, the beginning of life! I am alive and I feel good! As I look around at my humble surroundings, I feel that I was made for much more. I have been made to rule the world! But food comes firstÐ'...

I look over at the gum trees just mere metres away. Food! I sweep over, devouring everything in my path. Nothing can stop me! Muhahahaha! The eucalyptus cackles under my intense heat and the once mighty trees bow down in awe of my awesome power. I show no mercy as I consume them in seconds.

That was good, but not enough. I must have more! The eucalyptus was definitely not my style, it was too wet. I prefer the cold hard wood that is part of the handiwork of those good for nothing, self proclaimed, so-called "rulers of the world", the homosapian.

Ah I see. There, about 200 yards away is a "barn" and some fruit bushes. That would suit me very nicely. I creep silently up to my victims, first surrounding them and then engulfing it in my hot body. The bushes were a bit wet but were a good treat.

I am now sure that I can rule the world! Nothing can stop me now! I continue on my deadly rampage consuming and devouring everything in my path. I come to an old worn down house. Strange looking thing the humans have constructed here. I taste a bit. There seems to be some colourful covering that accents my flame. I hurry on, there's not much time left. I hurriedly finish the house, eating everything up besides the "metallic" objects that seem to have a negative effect on me.

I reach a blue shimmering disc on the ground. How dare it even try to stop me! This must be the legendary water that has been a treat to my previous ancestors. I touch it. It burns! But not enough to stop me. I hurry over it finding to my surprise that my heat is enough to make it disappear. Muhahahaha. My ancestors must have been terribly weak to be stopped by that tiny thing.

I continue on, wreaking havoc on everything from the weak grass to the mighty oak trees. As I look over the land I see a strange collection of human structures. That must be one of those "towns" I've so often heard about. I move cautious over, for the legends have it that no fire can ever take over a whole legendary town.

WellÐ'... That was before they heard of me! Nothing can touch me! It is my duty to prove this legend wrong. Let this be a warning to anyone who tries to stop me. I move slowly, creeping towards this place just for a look. I'll return later when the sun is high. I see some strange box-shaped objects lining the streets. I lick at one and it goes up with a big bang!

Oh that was fun! I try another, this time one as big as one of those "buildings". It goes up in a terrific explosion! I haven't had this much fun before in my short life! I have had my share of fun now. Those tiny, people are trying to put me out with their pitiful little buckets full of water and their little plastic hoses. I could put an end to their existence right now but I decide to make a graceful exit so as to give them a taste of an "eye of the storm".

I roam around the trees as I plot the downfall of that town that dare resist me. I glance pitifully at those little humans trying to save their town from my little "babies" that I left as a goodbye present. If they can't save themselves from my offspring, how will they



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