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A Dream or a Nightmare

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A Dream Or A Nightmare

" No, I'm not an American. I'm one of the 22 million people who are victims of Americanism, one if the victims of democracy, nothing but disguised hypocrisy. So, I'm not standing here speaking to you as an American, or a patriot, or flag-saluter, or a flag waver. No, not I. I am speaking to you as a victim of the American system. And I see America through the eyes of a victim. I don't see any American dream. I see an American nightmare!

--Malcolm X

I can see why Malcolm would refer to the American dream as a nightmare. We all have to understand that Malcolm and Martin Luther King came from very different class levels. Malcolm came from a lower class of African Americans. Malcolm was a criminal who spent time in jail and he was from a poor neighbor hood. Malcolm was educated by the environment that surrounded him. Malcolm often preached to the blacks to about self respect, and dignity. I think Malcolm know and understood this more than King because of Malcolm's upbringing. Malcolm gave very derogatory speeches. Malcolm was an intelligent speaker. In Malcolm's speeches you can see and hear the anger that the white people have caused the African American people. I'm sure that Malcolm was not the only African American person who had the same view points or felt the same way. It's just that Malcolm had the nerve to speak up for what he believed. At this time, black people were fighting for equal rights. Every person handles stress differently. Malcolm was voicing his opinion based upon the times and his personal experiences.

In this article, I read a part of another speech from Malcolm that made statements against the white people. I think Malcolm had every right to make these comments about white Americans. Malcolm got the reputation that he was a racist. I believe that he and all the other black people had every right to be racist. White American people were being racist for not allowing the African Americans to have equal rights. So, why was it a big deal when Malcolm made racial slurs against the white Americans? It was ok for white Americans to treat the black population differently.

Martin Luther King was a great speaker also. His speeches were based upon his beliefs and the dreams of a better society. King had high hopes and spoke of his high hope for the black people. King didn't make racial slurs against the white people, but he put the white and black people on the same level. He argued that every man, black or white should have equal rights.

This is why, I believe that we celebrate his birthday as a national holiday and Malcolm X's birthday goes unrecognized. Martin Luther King was fighting for equal rights for black people and he did it with out slaying or putting down the white people. We want to celebrate what this nation has over come. What we have overcome, is the fact that in our society today we do not discriminate based on the color of someone's skin. By choosing to celebrate King's birthday over Malcolm X's birthday was a better choice for all Americans. King was not considered a racist. Equal rights for everyone no matter what race you were.

I believe that we should recognize the work and the efforts of Malcolm more than we do. I believe both men were excellent speakers and that Malcolm had the right to his opinion.

A Talk To Teachers

This article was hard for me to decipher. In the first paragraph it talks about calling some one a "Nigger". To me the word nigger is degrading. I don't like to use this word because I am no better than you. Therefore, you are no better than me.

I came to a conclusion that this article meant that we shouldn't call anyone negative names or demean them in any way. I have always been told not to call a child dumb. They take it to heart and then start believing it, especially if the child hears it on a regular basis. However, this article tells you not believe what other people tell you. Stand up for who you think you are. Don't listen to other people. I also think this article says that you shouldn't be calling people names that you wouldn't want to be called.



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