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A Coal Miners Bride

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A Coal Miners Bride

Brandy Tate

The name of my book is A Coal Miners Bride, the dairy of Anetka Kaminska. The main character is Anetka Kaminska. In this story, Anetka's father has been living in America for awhile. One night, Anetka receives a letter from her father telling her that he told a coal miner named Stanley Gawrych that he could marry Anetka if he paid for her passage to America. Her father promises that they will make a good match, but Anetka doesn't want to go.

Anetka's life is about to change forever. Will Anetka ever be able love Stanley and forgive her father for arranging her marriage. Anetka wants to disobey her father. She asks her patron saint to send her a sign letting her know that it was okay to to disobey her father, but she doesn't. So Anetka decides that she will obey her father's wishes.

In the end, she comes to America and marries Stanley. She is trying to love Stanley but Stanley doesn't even like her. To make the situation more difficult, Stanley has three daughters. Soon after their marriage Stanley is killed in a cave-in. Will she be able to care for Stanley's three girls or will she flee?



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