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A Black Friend

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                    A BLACK FRIEND

(This story is been spoken by Sruti, she is 10 years old)  

Hey I am Sruti I am a deaf and blind, I can only see one colour and don’t know what that is, People called it as black but I don’t know the difference between Black, white, Red and blue etc. and sound is also ire with me “I cannot feel music, It’s hard for me to understand emotion and it is literally boring for people to spend time with me because I take a lot of time to understand”. One day my teacher is explaining me about dreams and told “Dream is a personal amendment where a person [a]wants to change their own rules”. On that day my teacher is explaining me about dream, He told me that it is full of colour, it is full of sounds where you can create your own rules and own world and I was shocked because my dream is on a dark room with closed vibration, it is completely new for me because I had never created an imaginary [b]world because I don’t know what is my own world. And he told me about Brad Snyder, who lost his eye vision in a war and then he sought out with himself and won two gold medals for the cou[c]ntry. And Brad Snyder once told “Fire in my eyes” means………. And then Mom came and she told the teacher to leave because it was my brother’s birthday. They had a party to celebrate so teacher leave and then Mom dressed me up and bring me to the party I was simply sitting in a corner where everyone is busy with themselves but this time I am thinking what is “Fire in my eyes”, I am in a hurry to know because I was so much involved with the person but suddenly I realized something and it was vibration. From a corner of room huge vibration is coming as if something big is continuously falling (it was a DJ sound system). I got terrified but a weird timid feeling also encourage me to know what is that and I moved towards the vibration and I just thought it may be a devil who can harm me so I hold an armor (a steel needle) in my hand and touch that object with the armor and it starts vibrating me, and I got supremely terrified then…… I inject the armor fully into the object and a high voltage current shock[d] pass throw me hugely pulled me out of my position then Mom come; touches me [e]and I was so much terrified that I got afraid of her touch and I don't want anyone to touch me. But forcefully Mom take me to her room and make me sleep. And[f][g][h][i] on that night I saw my first dream that I was locked in a closed dark room where from every corner vibrations are coming just like the object (DJ) so I just get up and tried to oust from the room but every time I got stuck[j] in the wall. I was screaming from every corner but…….and I felt that I am lost, and [k][l][m]that was my first dream. From that I got terrified by a new person, new object and vibration. I used to conceal myself, people consider me as a hoax but still, I have a story to tell.[n][o]

On a day after my teacher came to me and told me to touch a new object and I was quite apprehensive by the idea and refused. But he forced me to touch. He pushed my hands and compelled me to touch and I just touch that with a timid fear in my soul but I feel beautiful, it was so soft, I had a unanimous feeling that something is good and I want to touch it again, I felt that one second touch is being owned by me and I asked the teacher what's that, He told me that it was a puppy and told that “it’s not about her nor him, it’s about life. Where Life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set. Sometimes we pass, we fail but it always tells about try. Try up to you can, some try will pain you some will make you happy but you will learn from every try. You are a fighter my dear I see fire in your eyes” and that words again confused me.

I took time and I spent a lot of that with my puppy I named him KURO. I felt KURO is an integral part of me who understands me, who loves me and want me always as I do him. Then I realize that sometimes it's good to be depressed, sometimes it's good to be clueless because it's time who wants you to face hitch and realize the value of the upcoming pleasure who is always on your way if you are not being deviated with your self-obsession. But this time [p][q][r][s]KURO is not my obsession he is a reason for me to live but I have to get a passion through which I can build my own esteem so that I can give a reason to a lot of people like me to gear up their self-esteem and work for your life[t][u] if not for yourself then at least for a lot of us who do not want a life.[v][w][x]              

 So my new life begins with KURO and yes he had been an integral part of my life, I started enjoying my life and consider him as a reason to live. One day Mom, Me and KURO went for a walk outside and we are just roaming around garden, suddenly KURO snatched him out from my hand and ran away by this I got panic as if KURO is going away from me for always and I started running don't know where but I was running like a weird girl who had lost her everything. Mom stopped me and at the same time KURO also come to me, I had tears in my eyes it’s been the most unamicable incident in my life after KURO being a part of my life. But always [y]incidents define me in their own way and on that day also Mom observed me that I was so fast while running and she started her research that is there any hope of any blind runner in the world and she knows about sighted guide[z][aa]

A sighted guide is a person who guides a person with blindness or vision impairment in Paralympics and Mom told me about the fact and conditions of the game and she has decided to hire an athlete to guide me and I was so excited that I have something meaningful to do and on the next day the training started on the first day the athlete was not being able to cope with me he is finding it difficult to communicate with me so my teacher was being called and I am more confident as if I got a boost from somewhere but teacher has a query that who will be my sighted guide(partner who will guide while running) because Mom and He cannot run because of their inability and age, Athlete also not been able to communicate with [ab]me so who is the person can understand me better and I told its KURO(DOG) not because he is dear to me but he understands me and cope with me and the athlete told it is a dream but I expressed if a blind and deaf girl[ac] can dream of run as an athlete "how much this makes sense". We are completely in an impractical zone. We don't know rather we(She and KURO) will be allowed to run or not; A typical situation and in that inappropriate situation I began my journey I learn hard and hard and the day comes to national selection of athlete and I registered they are not allowing KURO to be as a guiding partner[ad][ae][af] but it was very much new for everyone that a dog to become a guiding partner so anyhow Me and KURO is being allowed to run. Everyone felt it was a piece of entertainment and this does not goes well with us I and KURO disqualified for the next we are too slow compared to others and I got too much upset about my performance and so much disappointed, this time I [ag]understood the meaning of “Fire In my eyes” there is a proper goal which I wanted to reach and want to teach a lesson to those people who are considering us a piece of entertainment. Next time I will be prepared for new lessons of life. So I got ready trained my level best with full of enthusiasm and sprit as the day comes closer I became tougher and this time any how I have to pass the test and the date comes and I ran with KURO with a collective speed of my past but suddenly I got a jerk from KURO and I fell down in between the race but I had a reason and a gill to win so I get up and run, run and run… and at the end me and KURO being qualified not being in the position of 1st, 2nd or 3rd but we qualified as an eligible candidate for Paralympics and I was so happy but I have to make a win in front of world so again I practiced I ran on muds, I ran on huge conglomerate, me and KURO tries to match our speeds and at last the day came where I am not playing for myself I am playing for my country I am playing for those millions of people who have been underestimated by the world due to their physical inability and I am there for the persons who consider that animal are unsociable, I am there to give a message of love, friendship and life…..A life where I had seen different colours in black. A black friend, a black teacher and a black world but KURO is my part he is my friend, he is my mother and teacher. This is against all the prominent figures who had been demoralizing the human cause of being social. [ah]So with all the thoughts in mind I and KURO start running and suddenly a thin strip of tread is touches me and I stopped. I was completed my race and that was winning thread we won the race……. I won gold medal.

“A path is there for everybody, a partner is there for everybody I have my way to understand him, I see him black and his sounds were empty but I can dream about him as my black friend… is a syllabus with unknown questions but known answer only you have to change to find those answers”   [ai][aj][ak][al][am][an]





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