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A Bend in the Road

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Diary Entry 1:

I'm sitting at Missy ryan's funeral, it's at the Edpiscopal church in downtown New Bern. Even though

the church sits five hundred people, there still wasn't enough room. People were crowding outside the

doors, waiting to pay their respects. Ican see her husband Miles and their five year old son Jonah sitting

in the front row. Miles was pale and showed no emotion, Jonah wasn't even old enough to understand

that he will never see his mother again. He looked more confused than sad. I'm nauseated and sweating

profusely. I feel as though I'm going to vomit. I know I don't belong here, but i stayed. Why, I don't

know. All I do know is that Missy Ryan shouldn't have died ( she died in a tragic hit and run car


Entiy 2:

I can't sleep, I relize it's impossible to go back to bed until

I tell you the truth about Missy's death.

You see, I know the truth because I was the one driving the car. It didn't happen how Miles imagined.

I hadn't been drinking nor was I under the influence of any drugs. It has been fifteen years since it

happened, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I'd been working since early that morning,

unloading boxes onto pallets for storage, and I was supposed to be off at six and a late shipment

of plastic pipes came in. My employer asked me if I didn't mind staying an extra houror so, and I

needed the over time so I agreed. It would of been okay if the other four men I was working with

could have stayed, but they had prior obligations. I was exsausted after all that work and I had missed

dinner,so I decided to go to Rhett's barbeque to eat. I turned down Madom Moore's Lane a wind road

in New Bern. I saw her walking on the side of the road, she glanced back and notice me. She moved

a few steps from the road, we were both being careful. Neither of us, however could have anticipated

what was going to happen next. A huge black dog charged toward her viciously, she reared back away

from the dog and right in front of my car. I don't know why I left the scene, I guess the exsaustion

made me think unclearly. I knew she was dead when I saw her, I retrieved a first aid blanket out if my

car and covered her up, after that I left. I knew I should have told someone, but I began to make

excuses to wait, that is until

fifteen years later whenever I found out Miles and my sister Sarah were

dating seriously.

Entry 3:

I knew



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