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A Beautiful Mind

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Essay Preview: A Beautiful Mind

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Finding Nemo

At first glance this movie appears to be just a computer animated film about a bunch of fish for children. Lookinat at it from a psychological standpoint, however, reveals it's more complex than one may think. I chose this film o write about because of the fact that all the main characters seem to suffer from some sort of psychological disorder.

The story is about a small clown fish with an injured fin, Nemo, who rebels against his father, Marlin, and gets captured by a human scuba diver. Marlin goes on an exciting, action-packed hunt for his only child and ends up being surprisingly brave. Initially, Marlin was afraid to let Nemo go to his first day of school. You could say he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. This would be the first time Nemo would be out on his own since the loss or Marlin's wife and future children to a barracuda. On the other hand, Nemo doesn't necessarily seem to have a specific disorder, he is just sick of his father. He shows this by going out past the "cut-off" and touching a boat. This is when Nemo is captured. Marlin chases after him and meets a seemingly normal fish who claims to know where the boat went. After leading Marlin, she turns around and acts as if she'd never met him. It turns out that this fish, Dory, suffers from Amnesia and can only remember things to a certain point. As Dory and Marlin become friends, they encounter other types of fish. They meet sharks that take the fish to a group therapy meeting where they talk about their recovery from being addicted to eating fish. In Nemo's tank where he is staying, he meets a fish who is obsessed with bubbles and doesn't like them to come out and be shared. This could be considered OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Another fish with "OCD" is the fish who has a major problem with germs. Nemo also meets a fish who thinks that her reflection is her sister. The fish seems to be delusional at times and is severely confused.

All in all, this movie could be researched a lot deeper than what is seen on the surface to reveal the complex personalities of all the characters.



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