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The United States has done many things right and very many things wrong in trying to facilitate the Iraqi people. President Bush has invaded Iraq and taken Saddam Hussein out of power, but was it the right way to go about it? Most of the people on the United States think it was the wrong way. Many of our soldiers are dying for trying to help the people in Iraq. We are in frequent fire fights with people who don't believe in democracy, so why should it be our job to change there way of life.

I think that the United States shouldn't even be in Iraq, they had nothing to do with 9/11, it was Afghanistan not Iraq. Now civilians are dying in the streets in a country that used to be peaceful. Yes I believe Saddam Hussein is a dictator who should be out of power but why should the United States have to deal with a problem half way across the world. It just makes no sense.

As we are in Iraq as I speak the way it is going there isn't as good as they hoped. The elections should have been done along time ago. Our troops are stationed there for long periods of time without speaking to their families. We are basically out numbered because we don't know who is who. Iraqi people are turning on the United States troops and are sending suicide bombers in every city that is being helped. It is a helpless cause in staying in Iraq. We have gotten very little accomplished for the time that we have been there. I understand that Bush doesn't was to look bad by pulling out his troops and basically surrendering to the Iraqi people but he has to think of our own people. We send all of our troops over seas and have none home to defend our own country.

All I am trying to state is that the war in Iraq has gone bad. Our troops are getting killed and so aren't innocent people. If you could senator help me and the people of the United States bring our troops home safely.



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