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9/11 According to Quran

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I didn't know about it,Really. As the people of USA think that Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the Demolition of the Twin Towers but According to Islam,as in Quran(a.k.a Kur'an or Kuran),Allah says that it was his WILL......

Below I'll tell you brief,Why Twin Tower destructed,

Below is excerpt that can help people who HAVE SENSE.The Captalized Word are often used in Quran usually in the verses teaching People WHAT IS REALITY!

9/11 - The Destruction of Twin Towers


Quran is divided into

30 parts

114 chapters

6666 verses

FORMAT = p/c:v


P = Part

C = Chapter

V = Verse

Below is the verse from QURAN

"Such a building that they have established remains a source of doubt in their hearts, until their hearts are stilled. GOD is Omniscient, Most Wise."


See that the verse is from 9th part,11th chapter and verse number is 110

As I already Mentioned THOSE WHO HAVE SENSE,



Date of Destruction = 9/11 (Very Easy Know)

Floors = 110 (Its confirmed)

So Here it is........It HAS BEEN PROVED THAT THE WILL OF ONE & ONLY ALLAH RULES.This was the Will of Allah that it HAD TO DESTRUCT

FOR More Info Here's another Verse just before the one posted above,meaning, verse no.109

"Is one who establishes his building on the basis of reverencing



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