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60's Fashion

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Fashion in the 1960's was far, far off from the decade that preceded it. The sixties was all about skin, sex and drugs. Now even though it was a time for the hippies to peace out with their pipes and for girls to run around in almost nothing out came a fashion icon whose timeless style still has her revered today.

Jackie Kennedy, Due in part to her French ancestry, Jackie had always felt a bond with France which was reinforced by her schooling there. This was a love that would later be reflected in many aspects of her life, such as the menus she chose for White House state dinners and her taste in clothing. She spoke French, Spanish, and Italian fluently, and she preferred her name to be pronounced in the French fashion. She had a strong preference for French haute couture clothes designers, but these clothes were expensive, and she feared wearing them might be perceived as disloyalty to American designers. She often got around such restrictions by having American dressmakers like Chez Ninon in New York copy or adapt contemporary French designs for her. For her state wardrobe, she chose the Hollywood designer Oleg Cassini. During her days as First Lady, she would become a fashion icon domestically and internationally. (Wikipedia)

Now back to the sex, drugs and rock and rolling style of the sixties. Edie Sedgwick. In 1964, Sedgwick moved to New York to pursue a career in modeling. She appeared in Time, LIFE and Vogue between 1963 and 1965. The editor in chief of Vogue, Diana Vreeland, called her an exemplar of the era's youth culture. She became Warhol's Girl of the Year during 1965 when she accompanied him everywhere in the New York social scene. During this period the pair would often dress alike, and Sedgwick frequently called herself Mrs. Warhol. The friendship did not last beyond 1966 when Warhol and Sedgwick made an acrimonious public split. (Wikipedia)

Twiggy an obvious choice for the sixties fashion, seeing as she was the leading model of the time. Twiggy became famous at the age of sixteen, under the influence of her boyfriend and manager, Justin de Villeneuve. Soon she was regarded as "the face" of swinging 1960s London, and gained her nickname from her stick-thin pubescent figure. She was also known for the high fashion mod look that she created.



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