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4ps of Solar Cookers

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surya cookers Product: our product is surya cookers. it helps us in food cooking technology with sunlight as its only energy source, it consist of black painted metallic cooking tray and is covered with double glass window .in surya cooker four black painted cylindrical pots are placed inside the box as cooking vessels and the cooking load is kept usually 8 lit/m. it takes 1 to 2 hr to cook items such as rice, lentils and vegetables. it also be used to prepare simple cakes, roast cashew nuts ,dry grapes etc. life of the cooker is 10 to 20 years. Price: we determine the price of the surya cooker after completing the survey in the areas we targeted. the price of the surya cookers will be between 300 to 400 rupees as the peoples living in rural areas cannot afford the high price .our pricing strategy is based on cost incur on making the product and also consider the price of competitors. the cost incur on making surya product will be around 200 to 250 so that we can have some margin also and we make available surya product at a cheaper price. Promotion: We will reach the target market through news papers, and visual ads. Also website will be promoting our product. Our banner ads on yahoo will be able to support our products marketing. Our message should be excellently stated as trends nowadays predict pure price messages.Radio is also a good potential opportunity for the promotion of solar cooker in rural areas . Sponsoring a technology talk based show, call-in talk or documentary also helps in promotion of these products in rural areas as many people in rural areas don't have television in their houses. seminars like panchayat also provide a good opportunity for the promotion. Place: we have targeted the rural areas of Utaar Pradesh,Bihar and west Bengal as they are facing a shortage of electricity .In most of these regions people get maximum of 2-3 hrs of electricity and rest they use charcoal ,oil lamp,kerosene,stoves for their livings.Most of the people of these areas are not aware of these products and hence they use charcoal and other consumables things which produces a lot of of toxicated chemicals and gases which is very harmful for living beings.So Govt should take some initiative for the promotion of these solar cookers to make their living well.



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