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42 Technologies Porter's Five

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Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

1. Rivalry Among Existing Competitors (Medium)

- existence of inexpensive reporting tools in the market

- existence of open source analytic tools such as R and Python

- existing mature and well-from companies (SAS, IBM) even though they are not focusing on the retailers only

- Saturated market; there a many more companies and products in the market providing similar services to businesses.

2. Threat of New Entrants (High)

- Attracting market with rapidly growing demand

- Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is growing

- Low barriers to enter the market (low requirement and data is non-exclusive)

- The new entrants might adapt latest and advanced technologies and skills to cater to the market

3. Bargaining Power of suppliers (Low to Medium)

- There is no direct suppliers and employees of the company that can be considered as suppliers

- Large amount of rivals exists in the current market, suppliers (employees) can go elsewhere

- More and more people are involved in the IT and Big Data industry, it won’t be hard for companies to recruit talents with certain skills.

4. Bargaining Power of Buyers (Medium)

- Consumers are able to choose from various systems out there in the market and not limited to any specific company

- Data analytic tool is essential to any company. Sooner or later, a company need to rely on something that is able to provide data analyzing and reporting service (external resources or in-house department)

5. Threat of substitute products or services (Medium)

- retail stores could develop its own data analytics and reporting platform

42 Technologies is a modern data analytics and reporting platform for retailers that started in 2013. After analyzing the Porter’s five forces that 42 Technologies is facing currently, I believe 42 Technologies should be wary of being replaced by other sources that provide similar services. 42 Technologies will most likely lose its customers for the following two reasons.

Large amount of existing rivals and relatively easy to be substituted

Due to the large amount of similar companies that currently



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