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2005 Superbowl - Pats Vs. Eagles

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Essay Preview: 2005 Superbowl - Pats Vs. Eagles

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Pats vs. Eagles

Through the 2004-05 National Football League season, there was a lot of speculation about who would win the Super Bowl, just like every other year. As the regular season ended, it came down to just twelve teams, then eight, then four, then just two. Two teams who have worked very hard to represent their separate leagues, and the game they shared was a great one. Although the Philadelphia Eagles played a very good game and were able to put up 21 points, the 24 points by the New England Patriots, because of solid offence, sound defense, and a +2 takeaway margin, the Patriots were just too much to handle.

The Eagles came into this game with their star wide receiver injured. Terrell Owens, just two months earlier, was diagnosed severe sprain of his ankle's deltoid ligament and a fracture of his fibula. There was a lot of speculation about whether his ankle would be able to hold up, and it turns out his ankle would do just fine. Owens ended the game as the leading receiver for the Eagles with nine receptions for 122 yards and a long of 36. But this was not enough to keep the Eagles in this game. His quarterback, Donovan McNabb, threw an outrageous 51 times and completed 37 for 357 yards and 3 touchdowns. If this was all he did, these stats would have made him the Super Bowl MVP. However, McNabb also threw a season high 3 interceptions, and most of these were very uncharacteristic, and very unfortunate for the situation the Eagles were in. The running game was also non-existent, rushing for only 44 yards. The high number of mental errors by Philadelphia, along with the lack of running game held them from scoring numerous times.

The Patriots did not have these mental mistakes. New England Quarterback and two-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady had a few early mistakes, and unforced fumble, and led his receivers into some dangerous situations, but after the first quarter, the Patriots offence started to click. Brady ended the game with 236 yards on 23 completions, and 2 touchdowns. New England also had the Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch, who left the game with a Super Bowl record 11 receptions for 133 yards. Passing is a very big part of football, and the key to a good passing game is a good running game. The Patriots running game made the difference. Running back Corey Dillon and Kevin Faulk combined for 118 yards and a touchdown. Rushing yards are very important



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