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1st Person Mick Folly and Hhh Fude

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Essay Preview: 1st Person Mick Folly and Hhh Fude

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Erich Blazeski

The first thing I would like to say It's great to be back here in San Francisco, CA. Hi I am Mick Foley, two time best seller author, a beloved children author or even the Hardcore legend. I have accomplished many things in my time in the wrestling business and have had some of the most deadly matches in the business. I'm here to tell you about a series of matches involved in to triple H and Mick Foley period.

To start at the 1st event to give you a little back round. The 1st event was the pink slip match, which is a way to get the looser out of the WWF for a month or two. And I lost that match and was out of the WWF for awhile. Now keep in mind that this match was made by triple H.

When I came back on Raw in 1/10/00 I had a match will triple H and I literally beat the living daylights out of him. Than triple H challenged me to a match but mot any other match but this was a STREET FIGHT at the Royal Rumble PPV one of the most deadly matches where anything is legal. But I didn't except the match but I did say, " I think the fans disserve a substitute for that match. In fact I am going to name that man". I walked down the ramp and pulled my Mankind mask off and than my shirt to revile my Cactus Jack T-shirt. Than said "his name is Cactus Jack and is first official business in the WWF is to kick your cester all over Chicago". Than I stopped wrestling in till the Royal Rumble PPV and instead cut a series of promos.

The street fight at the Royal Rumble PPV was one of the most bloodies matches the WWF fans seen. The match started with series talking but what was really going through my mind was that his colon was unbelievable and I asked him were I could get a bottle and when I didn't like his answer a punch followed. From that point the match was a punches, suplex's and neck barkers. Than I suplexed triple H though a wooden pallet and when triple H took the suplex the wooden pallet broke and a shard of wood stabbed triple H in the caft.

Than I managed to get the infamous bobwier 2x4. When I usually take out dangerous object they backfire and in this case it did. Triple H was beating me by the bobwaier 2x4. Managed to get it back and beat him with it. Than triple H found handcuffs and handcuffs me and I was helpless, in till The Rock came out and helped me out of the handcuffs.

I reached under



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