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18th Street Gang

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18th street gang

The 18th street gang , also known as calle 18, is one of the largest gangs and most violent gang in Los Angeles. It has expanded dramatically over the years. This gang was created in the 1960’s near 18th street and union avenue and was originally part of the gang Clanton 14. This clique later on separated from clanton 14 and then became who they are today. 18th street separated from the Clanton 14 because they wanted to accept different races and nationalities to gang and expand, but the Clanton declined to accept others that weren’t Mexican-American. Since the 18th street gang started accepting many different race and nationalities, the gang got larger and spread all around southern California.

The gang has expanded to many different places in the world. 18th Street cliques have been identified in 120 cities in 37 states and the District of Columbia in the United States, as well as Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Canada and possibly Australia. There is more than 65,000 members that are a part of this notorious gang. They are allies with the Mexican Mafia. The mara salvatrucha, nortenos, bloods, surenos are their rivals and are always fighting over territory, especially in Los Angeles.In order to become a part of this gang, you would have be recruited or have had family members that are already involved with the gang. You would have to show your loyalty to gang either by jumping someone for them or by allowing the current gang members to jump you for 18 seconds. This gang gives it members to earn the respect and give fear to other gangs. Also would have to get tattoos that would represent that you are committing to the gang for the rest of your life. There is a catch to joining this gang that once you are in, there's no way out. The only way out of the gang would be your death. The members identify themselves with the number 18 on their clothes and on sport jerseys of sport teams like the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Los Angeles Lakers. They also will use the symbols XV3, XVIII, X8, 666, 99 (9+9=18), and 3-dots in their graffiti and tattoos. They use the colors black and blue and black represents the gang’s color and the blue represents the surenos, even though they are not affiliated with them, the gangs from the oldest barrio in Southern California. The members are not allowed to take cocaine, don't kill or steal from other members,



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