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10 Difference Between Holland and Indonesia

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Essay Preview: 10 Difference Between Holland and Indonesia

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Name                                         : Williams

Home Country                         : Holland

Profession                                 : Restaurant Business

Length of stay in Indonesia         : 8 years

10 Different between Holland and Indonesia :

  • In Indonesia the weather makes my body fresh because in here I get enough more sunshine in the appeal when I was in the Netherlands.
  • Most people in Indonesia are very friendly, always smiling and admonishing although they don't know each other. In my country, I have only say hello with people are close to me.
  • Banana flavor in Indonesia is very tasty and sweet. In Netherlands bananas had no flavor, too plain.
  • In Indonesia are still many people who not speak Indonesian (use bahasa daerah). In the Netherlands everyone wearing the original language of the Dutch. Especially, I loved when I hear the word ‘ATUH’ , there is a swing that made the word is good to hear.
  • In the Netherlands one of my habit every morning was feeding the birds in the front yard of my house with bread. In Indonesia there is no such thing. My friend said the birds will be consumed if it's always in the front of your home.
  • Living cost in Indonesia very cheap than in Holland.
  • In Indonesia is always audible sound of the mosque, because the majority of the population in here is Muslim. Whereas, in the Netherlands most of the population are Catholic.
  • In Holland a lot of people does not have a TV color, because the tax is more expensive than the vehicle tax. In Indonesia a lot of people have a TV color.
  • Holland water can be drunk directly from the tap. In Indonesia we have to buy the water first on the market.
  • Most people here have a motorcycle, in my place I rarely used vehicle.

How did I manage my anxiety.

Actually I am so afraid to interfere activity of Mr. William, because at that time he want to ordering food by drive-thru Mcd. Simpang Dago. But, I am try to ask him first when he waiting the food. And as a result he is very open and glad to talk with me. About more than 10 minutes I talked with him, until he finished ordering food and then he want to have more conversation outside the area of the drive-thru.  To overcome my anxiety, I always try to smile during the interview and tell honestly if my English is so really bad, so I really apologize if I have incorrectly word. I am very happy because he very friendly even when I look so nervous. He also frequently use Indonesian language in the conversation, he said he use it to familiarize himself in Indonesia. At the end of the conversation he said that success for my studies.



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