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10 Commandments Vs Beatitudes

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Essay Preview: 10 Commandments Vs Beatitudes

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The Ten Commandments are an outline of the most important rules and behaviors that God expects from humanity. The Ten Commandments are regarded as the fundamental laws that all Christians are to conform to. They were written by the hands of God himself and revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai, inscribed on two stone tablets. They teach us how to stand firm and worship God on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The beatitudes guide us on how to live in the kingdom of God and shows us the values that he cares about. The word "beatitude" means blessing. Each Beatitude calls us towards holiness, commitment and promotes positive human values. According to catechism of Catholic Church "the beatitudes are at the heart of Jesus' preaching." The Beatitudes show that people who are disregarded as blessed on Earth are in fact considered blessed by God and will receive his eternal love.

Both the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes direct Christians to love God and love one another, as love is the central theme in Christian values. This inturn enables the kingdom of God to be present on earth as to love each other is what true Christianity is. The Ten Commandments are found in the Old Testament whilst the Beatitudes are found in the New Testament. What the beatitudes does is delivers what is implied in the Ten Commandments; one is an expression of the other which means that the laws of God (commandments) are signs of his love and happiness (beatitudes).

Where the Ten Commandments are foreseen as the code of conduct consisting of laws which all Christians must obey, it is seen as 'the don'ts' of the bible. The Ten Commandments prohibits actions and behaviour which is seen as wrong or immoral. Whereas the beatitudes are blessings which offer an entirely different perspective; one which is alluring and brings about a sense of enlightenment, rather than a repressive or restrictive feel. However they both convey God's potential for us.

The commandments and the beatitudes collectively create the essential expectations by God. They are not for the gaining of reward and the avoiding of punishment but they provide an ethical model for Christian practice as they are the basis of Christian life. These teachings enable us to distinguish between right and wrong and set boundaries so that we are not lured in by our own selfish desires. These teachings inturn promotes peace of earth as



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