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'the Power of one' Could Have Been the Title for All the Films.

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Essay Preview: 'the Power of one' Could Have Been the Title for All the Films.

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\\\\\\\'The Power of One\\\\\\\' could have been the title for all the films.

The topic i have chosen for my essay is \\\\\\\"The Power of One could have been the title for all the films.\\\\\\\" I believe this proves true

in the three movies we watched which were \\\\\\\"The Emerald Forest\\\\\\\",\\\\\\\"The Empire of the Sun\\\\\\\", and finally the \\\\\\\"The Power of One\\\\\\\". When

one thinks of the term \\\\\\\"The Power of One\\\\\\\" i presume most think of the power of \\\\\\\'one\\\\\\\' as in one person, an individual, a single being.

How ever after viewing these films one\\\\\\\'s perspective of the term is changed drastically for you realise one can mean many. Many people

coming together, and banding as one. Once again i believe this applies to the films we watched and throught out my essay i shall explain my reasons.

But, before i begin i must say i believe the term can also apply to an individual person, merely for their personal actions which i believe

to be deserving of the title.

Firstly, i will begin with the 1992 film \\\\\\\"The Power of One\\\\\\\" directed by John G. Avildsen and based on the book by Bryce Courtenay. The film

depicts the life of a young English boy, \\\\\\\'Peekay\\\\\\\' during the times of apartheid in South Africa. A simple definition of apartheid would basically be

the official policy of racial discrimination that exists in South Africa. As the film began with my eyes fixated to the screen i could not help

but think just how difficult it would have been to live during those times, especially being the only English boy in an Afrikaaners school as well

as losing both his father and mother! It is then i realised how courageous this little boy is, and would grow up to be a strong and corageous young

man that the native Africans would be reffering to as \\\\\\\"the rainmaker\\\\\\\". After watching the film you witness Peekay live up to the name of \\\\\\\"The rainmaker\\\\\\\"

as he brings some form of peace to the tribes, as he and Guideon Duma fight for a better Africa as they teach the children English. I believe this here

is a good example of two individuals forming as one force of good aka \\\\\\\"power of one\\\\\\\". I believe the term applies to Peekay strongly as an individual

as he is growing up but as he gets older, \\\\\\\'one\\\\\\\' means more then one, meaning the people of Africa. Obviously the title of the film is The Power of One

and sets a benchmark for the other films in means of the true power of one and what it can achieve it put to use properly.

Secondly, i will discuss the 1987 film \\\\\\\"Empire of the Sun\\\\\\\" by critically acclaimed director Steven Spielberg. The film is about a young boy Jim aka

Jamie and his journey of maturing from a young boy dependent

on others in to a mature individual who relys on no one but himself. Jim is a young boy

living in the posh English suburbs of Shanghai, China. During this time an on going war between China and Japan had been going on for years. Little does

he know Japan was soon to invade Shanghai and all hell would break loose for his \\\\\\\"perfect\\\\\\\" life. As Japan invades, Jim loses his parents in a messy scramble

and is taken to a detention center. There he meets Bassie, a vital character in Jims development as a person. From there Jim is taken to a concentration camp

for British and Americans living in Shanghai. It is here that you witness Jim grow up and become more independent

, he helps the elderly and learns to ration

food. Jim unlike the others at the camp, respect the courage and bravery of the Japanese. He witnesses the kamikaze pilots take flight and realises just how

brave the Japanese are. Although i believe the power of one refers to one as many, i think the term applies least with this film, in this film the viewer

doesn\\\\\\\'t really witness the power of many, but literally the power of one, and that one is Jim. He goes through so much and comes out stronger and more

mature in the end, for a young boy of that age to be separated



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