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Paymaster Project Plan

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PAYMASTER Project Plan

ITEC 3300-06

March 25, 2017

PAYMASTER Project Plan

  1. Initiating

1.1 Evaluations & Recommendations

  1. Current System
  2. Stakeholder Identification
  3. Determine Needs of New System

1.2 Develop Project Charter

1.2.1         Stakeholder Identification

1.2.2         Project Objectives

                          Scope Summary


                          Milestone Schedule

1.2.2         Project Authority

1.2.3         Project Manager Identification

1.4 Project Charter Signed and Approved

  1. Planning

2.1 Create Preliminary Scope Statement

                2.1.1         Identify Project Justification

                2.1.2        Identify Project Objectives

                2.1.3        Identify Project Constraints

                2.1.4        Identify Project Assumptions

2.2 Determine Project Team

2.3 Make Preparations for a Project Team Kickoff Meeting

                2.3.1        Create an Agenda

                2.3.2        Set a date and time

                2.3.3        Communicate Meeting

2.4 Project Team Kickoff Meeting

2.5 Develop a Project Management Plan

                2.5.1        Define Schedule Management Plan

                2.5.2        Define Cost Management Plan

                2.5.3        Refine Scope Management Plan

  1. Executing
  1. Project Kickoff Meeting
  2. Purchase Software System
  3. Verify Requirements

3.3.1 Payroll

3.3.2 Human Resources        

3.4Purchase Software System

3.5Install Software System

3.6Testing Phase

  1. Install Live System
  2. User Training
  3. Go Live

  1. Monitoring & Controlling
  1. Project Management
  2. Project Status Meetings
  3. Risk Management

  1. Closing

PAYMASTER Project Plan Outline

  1. Initiating

Due to expansion in our firm and an increased customer base which has increased our workforce by 20%, we purchased a stand- alone software for payroll processing called PAYMASTER.  PAYMASTER will take the place of our current payroll software and will include automated processing of all payroll taxes, vacation, and health benefits.  

1.1 Evaluations & Recommendations

It was determined that we needed one system to take the place of the manual process we currently use.  Based on our RFP, we had four companies reply.  Those responses were graded/evaluated based on our must haves and our wants.  One of the companies responded that they could not handle calculations of our vacation and sick leave balances.  The second company responded that they could handle all of our needs but would have to partner with an external system to handle.  These two companies were ruled out.  This left the two last companies who we determined we would like to see demonstrations in person.  Company A came extremely prepared and was able to meet all of our requested needs as well as wants.  This system also came with the ability to track all of our HR needs to include Performance Management and Training.  Company B met 90% of our needs and all of our wants.  Based on our desire for our vacation and sick leave to be tracked, we decided to go with Company A – PAYMASTER.

1.1.1 Current System Limitations

Our current system could calculate all payroll taxes but we had to manually key in each check’s data into excel spreadsheets for tracking purposes.  Our checks were printed on a Line printer with carbon copies that we would have to keep to have as backup.  We did not have a way to keep up with vacation balances except on paper timesheets.  Two years ago we moved this manual process to another excel spreadsheet.  With our FTEs now topping 425, the manual entry and calculations of this data became overwhelming.

1.1.2 Stakeholder Identification

Our stakeholders start at the top of our organization to include our Board, CEO, Department Managers and employees.  The CEO needs real time budgets to deliver to her bosses which are the Board of  Directors.  In order for our CFO to deliver real time data to her boss, the CEO, our Human Resources department needs a way to automate our payroll process.  This automation will give our employees a real time way to know where they stand with leave.  

1.1.3 Determine Needs of New System

The new system will meet three of our needs which include real time tracking of payroll taxes to include both the employee and employer portion, real time tracking of vacation and sick leave and balances, and the ability to pay salary employees and hourly employees all electronically.  During the transition to PAYMASTER, we will also implement and new time and attendance system that comes standard with this software.

1.2 Develop Project Charter

The Project Charter will provide team direction while establishing boundaries and creating buy-in.  Our stakeholders needed to define the scope summary, budget and schedule.  This will serve as a source for team members to illustrate the focus and will reduce confusion about the group’s objectives.


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