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  • Child Malnutrition

    Child Malnutrition

    Introduction Malnutrition is the cause of more than half of all child deaths worldwide. Malnourished children have lowered resistance to infection; they are more likely to die from common childhood ailments such as diarrhoeal diseases and respiratory infections. Although the share of children who are malnourished has gradually been

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  • Child Marriage

    Child Marriage

    Guo, Xiaoning (Anita) Sociology 10 Professor Navarrete October 29, 2012 Child Marriage Child marriage most often occurs in poor, rural communities, and child marriage is a substantial barrier to social and economic development in India and a primary concern for women's health. In many regions, parents arrange their daughter's marriage

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  • Child Persecution

    Child Persecution

    There exists a controversy about child persecution; should individuals under eighteen be prosecuted as adults and not as minors. Should judges and jurors dismiss the fact of immaturity when they handle children; that the child is as guilty of the crime as if it was an adult that committed it.?

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  • Child Prostitution

    Child Prostitution

    Like other forms of child sexual abuse, Child prostitution is not only a cause of death and high morbidity in millions of children, but also a sickening violation of their rights and dignity. Both boys and girls can be prostituted and, according to reports, some are as young as 10

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  • Child Protection

    Child Protection

    United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund or UNICEF (1946) defines child protection as the prevention and the respond to violence, exploitation and abuse against children including sexual exploitation, child trafficking, child labor and harmful traditional practices. According to UNICEF (2014), “children who experience violence are at risk of serious short- and

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  • Child Sexual Abuse

    Child Sexual Abuse

    Sexual Abuse of Children Throughout history child sexual abuse has been a major problem plaguing many societies. Child sexual Abuse has been defined by the text Human Sexuality, as, an adult engaging in sexual contact of any kind with a child- inappropriate touching, oral-genital stimulation, coitus and the like. *Child

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  • Child Sexual Abuse

    Child Sexual Abuse

    There was a boy who was kidnapped from his yard at the age of 7. For 10 years her was kept as a sex slave and treated like an animal. He was told by his kidnapper, Pernell, that his parents didn't want him anymore and had given him to his

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  • Child Sexual Exploitation

    Child Sexual Exploitation

    INTRODUCTION With the development and subsequent global rise of free trade, globalization and internationalization many new benefits are afforded to society, many old and new social inequities have reared their ugly heads once again. This has allowed an alarming and disturbing rise of instances in the exploitation of minors. The

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  • Childfree


    Introduction ‘Freedom, free time and money; they are happier than couples with children.’ According to the research director of the consumer culture department at the Dentsu Institute for Human Studies this is the reason for the increase in the number of childless families who decided not to have children at

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  • Childhood and Socialisation in Australia

    Childhood and Socialisation in Australia

    Socialization is the human process of learning to become a member of our society, and how each individual learns to fit into a group (Jureidini & Poole, 2003, p123). Jean Piaget (1896-1980) a Swiss psychologist described childhood and development in terms of distinct psychological stages and how these stages influence

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  • Childhood Obesity

    Childhood Obesity

    RUNNING HEADER: CHILDHOOD OBESITY Abstract Twenty years ago there were just a hand full of children that were overweight, mostly because of a hormonal or genetic disorder (Johnson, 2005). Today a high rate, nearly 40 percent of children are overweight. There are so many questions to be answered and problems

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  • Childhood Obesity

    Childhood Obesity

    The children of today are becoming more obese, for the fact that they are obtaining laziness. They are spending more time in front of the television then they are getting their daily exercise. Their growing bodies need exercise to lose baby fat before it gets to be a serious problem.

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  • Childhood Obesity

    Childhood Obesity

    Introduction If you were to take a walk through the neighborhood park twenty years ago you would see happy, healthy children running all around. If you were to walk in that same park now, you would more than most likely find half the number of children and a good number

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  • Childhood Obesity

    Childhood Obesity

    Childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels in the United States. Twenty five percent of children in the US are overweight and becoming obese (Bellows & Roach, 2009). Childhood obesity is becoming a disorder with both physical and physiological health risks. This disorder is believed to have multiple causes including lifestyle

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  • Childhood Obesity - What Is Childhood Obesity?

    Childhood Obesity - What Is Childhood Obesity?

    Introduction Today, childhood obesity is at its all time high among children and adolescents in America. “Obesity now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States - triple the rate from just one generation ago” (CDC, 2012). Children that are obese at a young age results to

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  • Childhood Obesity: A New Epidemic

    Childhood Obesity: A New Epidemic

    Childhood Obesity: A New Epidemic The nature of society has changed greatly since the mid 20th century. With this change, the face and size of American youth has been altered. Increasing numbers of children ranging from infants to adolescents have become obese. Since the 1970's, obesity in children age two

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  • Childhood Obestiy

    Childhood Obestiy

    One of the greatest health risks and effects of America is childhood obesity. Obesity is an enormous amount of body fat. Childhood obesity mostly starts between ages 6-11 which has doubled since the early 1980's (Collins). Between 5 to 25 percent of children are obese in the United States.

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  • Children + Violence + Television = Bad

    Children + Violence + Television = Bad

    On September 11th, 2001, millions around the world crowded around televisions across the globe and watched the horrific scenes of terrorism that had struck New York City, Washington, D.C and Pennsylvania on that ill-fated and now infamous morning. Suddenly, in a crowded room everyone felt alone. As the Twin

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  • Children and Depression in the United States

    Children and Depression in the United States

    Children and Depression in the United States--Is It a Real Problem? In the past, depression in children was not thought of as a problem, but new statistics say differently. Two-thirds of children with diagnosable mental heath problems are left untreated (NMHA, 2006). Research is showing that most adults with depression

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  • Children and Exercise

    Children and Exercise

    In our society today one of the most difficult problems we are facing is the large numbers of obesity in our children. One of the major factors in that is this; our children have become less physically active. At an early age children start watching TV, learn how to

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  • Children and Passsive Smoking

    Children and Passsive Smoking

    Research Paper: Children and Passive Smoking. Most people would not be surprised to hear that a lot of people die each year from active smoking, but many would be surprised at the great number of people who die or are seriously affected by secondhand smoke each year. And a

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  • Children and Television

    Children and Television

    Children and Television Television affects children's lives. There are many facts to support this opinion. In the following paragraphs I will prove that TV affects children and their behavior. Also I will talk about things related to this topic. What children watch today affects their lives. Television has a

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  • Children Are Being Cheated out of an Education in Charter Schools

    Children Are Being Cheated out of an Education in Charter Schools

    There is no reason to have charter schools because they are performing even worse than most public schools, even with all their funding. The reasons why they fail are due to the inconsistency in each institution, racial discrimination, instructor credentials and the inability to spend money wisely. We have a

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  • Children Immigrants

    Children Immigrants

    Immigrant children did not live an easy life in the nineteenth century. Most children were never educated. Italian children immigrants were rarely put through schooling. However, Eastern European Jewish immigrants looked at public schooling as their best way to help their children enhance their potential in life. Chicago, Detroit, and

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  • Children with Incarcerated Parents and the Effects on the Family

    Children with Incarcerated Parents and the Effects on the Family

    Children with Incarcerated Parents and the Effects on the Family Incarceration rates in the United States are at record high levels; new prisons are being built yearly to hold the millions of adults, both male and female, fathers and mothers. According to U.S. Department of Justice, there are nearly three-quarters

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  • Children's Advertising

    Children's Advertising

    Today, most commercials are aimed at younger children and often involve showing kids what they should look like instead of what they want to look like. Toys, cereal, and fast food restaurants each have their own techniques to persuade children into wanting their products. Different types of commercials usually

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  • Children's Vaccinations

    Children's Vaccinations

    Children Vaccinations For every parent it’s one of the first decisions that you must make when you have a child, but how many of us really know the pros and cons of vaccinations? Sure, doctors tell us that they are safe but most Americans do not even know exactly what

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  • Children's Violent Television Viewing: Are Parents Monitoring?

    Children's Violent Television Viewing: Are Parents Monitoring?

    Children's Violent Television Viewing: Are Parents Monitoring? Tina L. Cheng, MD, MPH*‡§; Ruth A. Brenner, MD, MPH; Joseph L. Wright, MD, MPH‡§¶; Hari Cheryl Sachs, MD#; Patricia Moyer, BS; and Malla R. Rao, MEngg, DrPH ABSTRACT. Objective. Violent media exposure has been associated with aggressive behavior, and it has been

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  • Children, Television, and Violence

    Children, Television, and Violence

    Children, Television, and Violence Children, Television, and Violence TV violence may influence children more than most people are aware of. The amount of violence on TV is an important topic in todayЎЇs society. One of the reasons it should be so important to all of us is because almost

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  • China as a Superpower

    China as a Superpower

    INTRODUCTION The history of China is both fascinating and complex. Its culture has been described as both peaceful and warlike. China was created by conquest and has essentially been ruled by a series of warlords. However, China has also experienced periods of peace and active trade with its neighbors. There

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