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Global Warming

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2.Global Warming

Global warming is the second most important issue in contemporary society. Due to greenhouse gas emissions being put into the atmosphere it has caused climate change which has thrown the environments balance off. Some of the impacts of global warming are increased coastal flooding, melting ice, disruption to food supply, and health complications. Coastal flooding and increased rainfall puts communities and military bases at risk of flooding which can damage the homes of people and wildlife. The melting ice caps in the Arctic affect the weather throughout the world which can lead to crops not growing because the weather isn’t right. Global warming is a recent issue that only rose in the 70’s due to new inventions that are harmful on the environment. In ancient civilizations life was much simpler and inventions weren’t harmful to the environment.


Many countries around the world are experiencing overpopulation. Mostly because it is among the most pressing environmental issue faced that leads to problems like pollution, habitat loss, intensive farming practices, and consumption of natural resources at speeds faster than the regenerating process. The increase in birth rates leads to the negative influence on the environment when people need space to live in because as the people increase the land decreases. As a result trees would have to be cut to make room for restructures to be built or for many other purposes causing deforestation. Which has a great impact on land resources. A decrease in the standard of living due to the increased number of people as a demand for essential commodities becomes highly competitive and it is those that are rich that would be able to afford them, thereby bringing a fall in the standard of living. Which therefore causes increase in the government's expense because of people relying on them for support. For example low income housing. Unfortunately in most ancient civilizations overpopulation was a very common issue that created big problems in their empires but most found minor solutions to temporarily help like expanding their empire and making more jobs.


For centuries there has been fights for equality because it has not always been there. When we go back to other civilizations there was never a perfect civilization


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