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  • Marxism and the Matrix

    Marxism and the Matrix

    The movie, “The Matrix” is an outstanding example of the term “Marxism”. Simply put, Marxism is the political and economic theory of Marx, advocating abolition of private property, and state provision of work and subsistence for all, and to be a Marxist, is to follow Karl Marx’s theories. Along the

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  • Marxist and Semiotic Analysis of the Matrix

    Marxist and Semiotic Analysis of the Matrix

    THE MATRIX The Matrix was written and directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski. It released in 1999. The film belongs to the science fiction genre and revolves around a young man by the name of Thomas Anderson who is on a quest to discover what the mysterious "Matrix" is. The

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  • Mary J. Blige

    Mary J. Blige

    December 15, 2004 Music Appreciation MUS 118 Vincennes University- Fort Benning Rudy Barraca - Instructor This is a review of the song, BE HAPPY. Sean "Puffy" Combs now known as P Diddy produced this song. The song was composed Mary J. Blige, Sean Combs, Arlene Delvalle, and J.C Oliver, however

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  • Mass for Christmas Day

    Mass for Christmas Day

    Mass for Christmas Day Music's earliest and most basic for can be traced back to chant. Roman plainchant is considered one of the greatest treasures of Western civilization. One of the main uses of chant is in church music. The most recognizable, and most important, service of the Catholic church

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  • Master Filmaker Akira Kurosawa

    Master Filmaker Akira Kurosawa

    "I believed at the time that for Japan to recover, it was important to place a high value on the self. I still believe this." - Akira Kurosawa As the first Japanese film director with international notoriety, Akira Kurosawa had a reputation as an artist and scholar that was tremendously

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  • Materialism and Greed: The Real Monsters in Poltergeist

    Materialism and Greed: The Real Monsters in Poltergeist

    Materialism and Greed: The Real Monsters in Poltergeist A seemingly "Hallmark" family, although nowhere near perfect, is dropped into the middle of a most bizarre situation. This family fights to reunite themselves after becoming victims of disgruntled spirits in Tobe Hooper's 1982 film Poltergeist. The film attempts to criticize the

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  • Matilda


    LIFE COURSE PERSPECTIVE: The life course approach tells us that there are social, economic, and historical period context that must be looked at in order to develop a fuller understanding of a persons life course. The entirety of the person's life must be taken into consideration before any assumptions are

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  • Matrin Creed

    Matrin Creed

    5 Things about him: o I like the materials he uses o I like the placement of his work o I like the way his work deals with and creates limitations o I dislike elements of simplicity in his work o I like the titles he uses in association with

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  • Matrix - Film Review

    Matrix - Film Review

    The Matrix Action / Sci-Fi (US); 1999; Rated R; 135 Minutes Cast Keanu Reeves: Thomas "Neo" Anderson Laurence Fishburne: Morpheus Carrie-Anne Moss: Trinity Joe Pantoliano: Cypher Hugo Weaving: Agent Smith Produced by Bruce Berman, Dan Cracchiolo, Andrew Mason, Barrie M. Osborne, Joel Silver, Erwin Stoff, Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski

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  • Matrix 1 V.S. Matrix 3

    Matrix 1 V.S. Matrix 3

    After watching "Matrix Revolutions," I was disapointed. The movie lost its confusing yet interesting story line that the first one did very well, and there were so many characters that a lot of them got lost in the story and they wasted many good actors. When they return to the

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  • Matrix Movie Summary

    Matrix Movie Summary

    I am doing my analysis paper on the movie, “The Matrix.” I chose the movie the matrix because I want to talk about all the different types of sounds. . I’m first going to be talking about the ambience sounds they used. Then I’m going to be talking about how

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  • Matrix Reloaded Movie Review

    Matrix Reloaded Movie Review

    The Matrix: Reloaded Starring: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Hugo Weaving, Clayton Watson, Nona Gaye, Monica Bellucci, Cornel West Director(s): Larry Wachowski, Andy Wachowski Screenwriter(s): Larry Wachowski, Andy Wachowski Filming Location(s): Australia; Chicago; San Francisco Studio: Warner Bros. Alternate Title(s): The Matrix 2 Rating: R - for

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  • Matrix Script

    Matrix Script

    THE MATRIX Written by Larry and Andy Wachowski April 8, 1996 FADE IN ON: COMPUTER SCREEN So close it has no boundaries. A blinking cursor pulses in the electric darkness like a heart coursing with phosphorous light, burning beneath the derma of black-neon glass. A PHONE begins to RING, we

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  • Mbox Vs. Ultralite

    Mbox Vs. Ultralite

    Mbox vs. Ultralite Given today's technology, portable audio recording and music production is at its best. It's extremely powerful and amazingly versatile. You can be sitting at the beach, on a road trip, or just at a friend's house working on music. But to get the best quality out of

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  • Me and My Guitar

    Me and My Guitar

    An instrument is a tool of music. Just like all tools it allows us to assemble pieces, in the case of music it allows us to build song. Some instruments can be very subtle and soft and quite melodic such as a woodwind, where as there are also instruments that

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  • Me, Myself, and Irene Essay

    Me, Myself, and Irene Essay

    "Me, Myself and Irene" is a movie and Charlie (Jim Carrey) is a Rhode Island state trooper with a split personality. He is also mild-mannered and non confrontational until somebody or something pushes him a little too far. That's when his angry and freaky alter-ego, Hank, takes over. Charlie is

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  • Media


    Malik Pokks Speech 245, 711 May 8, 2005 Professor Greener PAPER 2 Media Effects on governing the mass media has played a major role in American politics since the formation of our country. So much so that it has been called by many, "the fourth branch of government." Originally, media

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  • Media Arts

    Media Arts

    Seabiscuit Seabiscuit was a wonderful uplifting story with amazing visual effects. It will forever be considered one of the greatest films of all times. The director and producer Gary Ross visualized the movie and John Schwartzman cinematography artistically brought Seabiscuit to life. The cinematography is absolutely wonderful from simple static

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  • Media Content Reflects Changing Dominant Discourses About Femininity and Masculinity.

    Media Content Reflects Changing Dominant Discourses About Femininity and Masculinity.

    The notion that media content reflects changing dominant discourses with regards to masculinity and femininity appears to be an on going debate, although traditional representations of men and women are still very much evident in media content, for example domesticity, motherhood and women’s role in the home, it is notable

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  • Media Convergence and Criticism: A Brief Survey of U2's Zoo Tv Concert Series

    Media Convergence and Criticism: A Brief Survey of U2's Zoo Tv Concert Series

    Mass Communications and Society Tuesday, April 18, 2006 University of South Florida BSN 1100, 8am - 9:15 Guest Speaker: B.E. Johnston Title: Media Convergence and Criticism: A brief survey of U2's Zoo TV Concert Series INTRODUCTION This show is a critique of postmodern culture's primary delusional artifact, Television. It is

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  • Media Essay - Wilfred

    Media Essay - Wilfred

    "Pictures came and broke your heart... put the blame on VTR." [Trevor Horn, 1979]. Since the very first Australian broadcastings in 1956 and the introduction of colour in 1974, television has been an immensely important and influential form of media in Australian society. Television has the power to entertain as

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  • Media Monopolies: Are the Dangers of Concentration Overstated?

    Media Monopolies: Are the Dangers of Concentration Overstated?

    Issue # 14 1. Media Monopolies: Are the Dangers of Concentration Overstated? Yes, by Eli M. Noam and Robert N. Freeman No, by Ben H. Bagdikian 2. The main focus behind the two articles are the concentration of media. Through the Telecommunications Act of 1996 attempts were made to limit

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  • Media Reaction Paper

    Media Reaction Paper

    Introduction The entertainment business is a very lucrative business in these days. Diversity can be found on just about anything TV show, movie, or commercial. The movie I chose to write about is Life. About the Movie The movie I selected for the paper is called Life. It stars Martin

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  • Media Violence

    Media Violence

    "It has been calculated that American kids see about 200,000 acts of violence and 25,000 murders on television by the time they reach age eighteen." (Schleifer 18) Arrests of people under the age of eighteen for violent crimes rose forty-seven percent from 1988 to 1992. (Miller 174) The American

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  • Media Vs. Ideology

    Media Vs. Ideology

    Is "media" simply a synonym for ideology? For some reason this question seems really easy to answer: Yes. One culture's media content will depend on their particular ideology. In class we have viewed two movies now: Frank Capra's "You Can't Take it With You," made in 1938, and Mark Neveldine

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  • Medical Applications for Music

    Medical Applications for Music

    When someone mentions the word 'music' what the first thing that pops you're your mind? Is it the subtle relaxing classical organ that blows through your mind or the hard grunge sound of a modern double bass drum? Everyone in the world, no matter what corner of the world people

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  • Memento


    Memento Memento is a movie directed by Chris Nolan. It was released in 2000. The leading actor is Guy Pearce. Carrie Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano are also in this movie. Memento is a perplexed thriller. Leonard, the main character, is excellently played by Guy Pierce. He is constantly confused,

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  • Memento


    Memento/Pulp Fiction The two movies assigned for this week are Memento and Pulp Fiction. These two movies deal with crack plots. The two movies have awkward scene formats, whereas some movies follow the normal format of beginning, middle, and end, crack plot movies often do not have that. The movie

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  • Memento Film Review

    Memento Film Review

    We all have those days when we forget things. But for Lenny Shelby, it's different. He can't form new memories at all. And how do you know who you are when you can't remember? Memento is one of the most thought-provoking and thrillingly intelligent films to be released last year.

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  • Men of Honor Analysis

    Men of Honor Analysis

    Men of Honor Analysis The film “Men of Honor” (Producer George Tillman Jr. , Director Robert Teitel) contains many examples which exemplify Napoleon Hill’s 17 principles of success. It was through his philosophy of success that Hill was able to achieve great success at whatever endeavor he pursued. He formulated

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