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  • Italian Renaissance

    Italian Renaissance

    One of the most important themes of the Italian Renaissance, which means rebirth, was the rediscovery of the art, myths, and legends of the Classical world. An artist who aided to this artistic rediscovery with his own views of early Roman and Greek mythology was Sandro Botticelli. Botticelli shaped attractive

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  • Italy's Birth

    Italy's Birth

    History Italy's birth as a nation began in 1861 when the city/states of the peninsula and the islands of Sardinia and Sicily united under the regime of King Victor Emmanuel. Originally Greeks had settled in the southern tip of the Italian peninsula in the 7th and 8th century B.C. Etruscans

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  • Ivan IV "the Terrible" Czar of Russia

    Ivan IV "the Terrible" Czar of Russia

    Ivan IV "The Terrible" Czar of Russia Ivan IV was a Czar terrible beyond words. He succeeded his father Vasily III who died in 1533 when Ivan IV was just 3 years old. Ivan's uncle challenged his right to the throne and as a result he was arrested and imprisoned

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  • J.P. Morgan

    J.P. Morgan

    J.P. Morgan When people talk about J.P. Morgan, they often refer to one man. The J.P. Morgan dynasty was in fact a combined effort of three generations of Morgans. In 1838, American businessman George Peabody opened the London merchant banking firm that would establish the roots of the House of

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  • J.S. Woodsworth

    J.S. Woodsworth

    J. S. Woodsworth J.S. Woodsworth was regularly active politics throughout his life, he dreamed of changing politics to help immigrants, farmers, the unemployed and the elderly. James Shaver Woodsworth changed politics in Canada forever. Throughout his life he created the CCF, founded the Regina Manifesto, created social welfare, changed the

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  • Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper

    The Whitechapel Murders and those of Jack the Ripper are not generally one and the same. Over a period of three years towards the end of the nineteenth century a number of prostitutes were murdered under different circumstances Ð'- the murder of prostitutes was not an especially unique occurrence during

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  • Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper

    1960`s Question 5 The 1960`s was a period of extreme change and is referred to as the decade of sex, drugs and rock and roll. In this essay, I will be investigating whether popular culture did more harm than good using sources and my own knowledge. I will focus on

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  • Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper

    WHY DID THE WHITECHAPEL MURDERS ATTRACT SO MUCH ATTENTION IN 1888? The Dates 1. Friday 31st August 1888-Mary Ann Ð''Polly' Nicholls 2. Saturday 8th September 1888-Annie Chapman 3. Sunday 30th September 1888-Elizabeth Stride 4. Monday 1st October 1888-Catherine Eddowes 5. Friday 9th November 1888-Marie Jeannette Kelly The Victims All of

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  • Jack the Ripper Case

    Jack the Ripper Case

    In 1888, the people of London, England were plunged into darkness. A killer was on the loose, by the name of Jack the Ripper. The name in itself brings all sorts of violent and unnatural images to my head, and you probably have a pretty vivid picture of what this

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  • Jacksonian Democrats

    Jacksonian Democrats

    Jacksonian Democrats viewed themselves as the guardians of the United States Constitution, political democracy, individual liberty, and equality of economic opportunity. However, the Jacksonian Democrats were in a catch 22. In order for them to protect the interests of the common man, they at times had to violate the very

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  • Jacksonian Era

    Jacksonian Era

    The Jacksonian Era (1824-1848) Although the "Age of Jackson" wasn't a time era, which brought forth a great political, social, or economic freedom and equality to the U.S., it did in fact put our country through a metamorphosis in our political lives of the nation. The start of a new

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  • James Bay and Northern Quebec Land Claim

    James Bay and Northern Quebec Land Claim

    I chose to do my research paper on land claims. In this paper I will give an assessment of the James Bay and Northern Quebec land claim final settlement as well as compare it with the Labrador Inuit land claim. I will talk about the participants in the negotiations, as

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  • James Bay Cree

    James Bay Cree

    The James Bay Cree settlement issue is one that is new, unaffected, and unrelated in any way to Treaty 8 signed in 1899. If this were not the case settlement upon all issues would be relatively easy for the Canadian Government to accede to. As the Canadian government's own inquiry

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  • James Cook's Contribution to the Development of the British Empire

    James Cook's Contribution to the Development of the British Empire

    JAMES COOK'S CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE I) Introduction The purpose of this paper is to describe the life and the contribution to the development of the British Empire of one of the most important English explorers. It was in the second half of the 18th century

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  • James Madison

    James Madison

    In The Federalist Papers No. 10 James Madison begins perhaps the most famous of the Federalist papers by stating that the fact that it establishes a government capable of controlling the violence and damage caused by factions. Madison defines that factions are groups of people who gather together to protect

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  • James Madison

    James Madison

    JAMES MADISON Also known as (aka) Manthan Kothari from Dr. Sehr's period 2 class Good morrow. My name is James Madison and I represent the great state of Virginia. Virginia, being the first colony, has appealed to many settlers. We now have the largest population in the United States. Virginia's

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  • James Monroe

    James Monroe

    Adv. History President Comparison James Monroe was born on April twenty-eight, seventeen fifty-eight. He was born in Westmoreland County of Virginia. His father's name was Spence Monroe who came from a Scottish family that settled in the mid-1600. His mother was Elizabeth Jones who settled from Wales and lived in

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  • James Montgomery Flagg, "i Want You (uncle Sam) Vs. Rolf Armstrong How Am I Doing?

    James Montgomery Flagg, "i Want You (uncle Sam) Vs. Rolf Armstrong How Am I Doing?

    James Montgomery Flagg, "I Want You (Uncle Sam)” Why did the artist choose this particular composition? James Montgomery Flagg chose a poster for multiple reasons centered on the controversies involving the First World War. ‘’I Want You’’ converged multiple messages for the Americans that would be easily communicated through visual

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  • James Patterson: Master of Description and Plot

    James Patterson: Master of Description and Plot

    James Patterson: Master of Description and Plot James Patterson should be included in an anthology because he has mastered the art of description and plot. He’s capable of creating lives in his books like no other author from past or present. He has created a fictional world inside of his

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  • Japan and Russia Building New Ties

    Japan and Russia Building New Ties

    The Russo-Japanese War of 1904 was a military conflict in which a victorious Japan forced Russia to abandon its expansionist policy in the Far East, becoming the first Asian power in modern times to defeat a European power. The Russo-Japanese War developed out of the rivalry between Russia and Japan

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  • Japan and Russia Building New Ties

    Japan and Russia Building New Ties

    Article by Laurie Barber -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Checkmate at the Russian Border: Russia-Japanese Conflict before Pearl Harbour -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Over the north country whose seas are frozen Spring wind blows across It is time to beat Russia Rampant for three hundred years. Mora Orgai, 1904. Japan and Russia's mutual enmity was long and

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  • Japan Caught Between Us and China

    Japan Caught Between Us and China

    Japan caught up in U.S.-China spat Japan came under criticism in the fallout of a heated exchange between the United States and China over Taiwan at the Asia Security Conference here. In fact, some participants said Japan-not China-is the country creating the most fears in Asia. The three-day conference, hosted

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  • Japan Changes from Military Power to Economic Power After World War II

    Japan Changes from Military Power to Economic Power After World War II

    Japan Changes From Military to Economic Power after World War II Japan was controlled by an emperor people thought to be god before the World War II. They were technologically advanced in military weaponry and armory. The country was control by military power for years and had plans to dominate

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  • Japan Invades China (1931-37)

    Japan Invades China (1931-37)

    Japan's main objectives of invading China in 1931 were to destroy communism and poses control over neighboring areas on the Asian continent. It was believed such a control was necessary to be able to issue possible military threats and inquire the natural resources needed to insure Japan's economic independence. "By

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  • Japan Is Victorious in First Sino-Japanese War(1895)

    Japan Is Victorious in First Sino-Japanese War(1895)

    Japan is victorious in first Sino-Japanese War(1895) The First Sino-Japanese War was fought between the Qing Empire and the Empire of Japan, primarily over the influence of Korea. At first, Korea was its own country, but China ruled over it. However, Japan wanted to ensure nobody annexed Korea. After more

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  • Japan's Economic Development

    Japan's Economic Development

    JAPAN'S ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT In the following paper I will be examining the process of economic development in Japan. I begin with their history in the Meiji period and how that effected their great success in the postwar development. Then I will go through the different economic stages of economic development

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  • Japananese Feudalism

    Japananese Feudalism

    Japanese Feudalism Japanese Feudalism is the height of Japans power, the heart of its culture, and marks the end of it isolationist views. When this period came over Japan, it carved out and molded most of japans history and culture . When it ended, much of Japan was changed, but

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  • Japanese Economic Success Post Wwii

    Japanese Economic Success Post Wwii

    "Japanese economic success is based on the ability to fuse the best of the west with the powerful traditions underlying Japanese life". The success of Japan in the world free market and its rapid ascension to the ranks of the worlds most powerful is subject to much debate. Having stagnated

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  • Japanese Feudalism

    Japanese Feudalism

    Japanese Feudalism Social class and military dictatorship were the foundations of the feudal structure of Japan. Each rank of the feudal hierarchy was allotted clearly defined limits above or below which it was impermissible to pass. The principle of knowing one's place was of paramount performance: it was the iron

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  • Japanese History: Shinto Religion

    Japanese History: Shinto Religion

    Studies of Japanese culture and history have always pointed to Shinto as the defining element of Japanese religion, having continually existed from prehistoric to modern times. There are those who go so far as to say that Shinto is even more than a religion, that it is and has always

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