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  • Contempary Artforms

    Contempary Artforms

    CONTEMPORARY ARTFORMS One significant piece of art work that I thought was interesting was a painting that was done by Kerry James Marshall. The title of the painting was called "Better Homes Better Garden", it was made in 1994 (pg. 461). He grew up in the projects of Alabama and

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  • Continuities over Time

    Continuities over Time

    Between the time period of 1492 and 1750, there were several changes throughout Western Europe, Africa and the Americas. The discovery of the Americas happened and shortly after several social and economic transformations occurred as well as a few continued aspects. The amount of trade and what goods are traded

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  • Contradictions in Greek Mythology

    Contradictions in Greek Mythology

    Greek Mythology is riddled with Contradictions. The moral character of the participants and the world views portrayed in myth are two of the primary areas of contradiction. The pliable nature of the stories is one of the most fascinating parts of Greek mythology to me. In the play Antigone for

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  • Contributions of Women in Wwi

    Contributions of Women in Wwi

    Everyone knows how greatly the men all contributed during the First World War, but what do they know about the women? Most men weren’t even allowed to fight unless their wives allowed them to go. Also, the women were the ones who helped keep the soldiers warm. Lastly, who were

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  • Controversial Music

    Controversial Music

    Albums with explicit lyrics or content started having black and white parental advisories on them in 1994 ( Are these labels necessary? Is controversial music molding our society and causing teenagers to turn to drugs? Is censorship necessary to protect the youth of our nation. Generally, younger people are against

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  • Conversation with a Doaist, a Confucian, and a Legalist

    Conversation with a Doaist, a Confucian, and a Legalist

    The Zhou Period takes center stage in China. Where various of philosophers offered there insights into how humans should behave in regard to their families, the state, and nature (Andrea pg. 84). Known as the "Hundred Schools of Thought" the Zhou Period was also an intellectual time. Three of the

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  • Copernicus


    In 1473, Copernicus was born in Torun, Royal Prussia, also know as the Kingdom of Poland. (O'Connor and Robertson) His polish name was Mikolaj Kopernik. (Weisstein) When he was ten his father, an influential entrepreneur and well liked citizen of Torun, died. Information about Copernicus' mother is scarce. Little is

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  • Corporate Law

    Corporate Law

    1.0 Introduction Share Capital Shareholders will become the owners of the company when shareholders invested money into the company. The amount that is contributed by shareholders is known as share capital. Moreover, the amount of monies invested by the shareholders will become the property of the company. Under Section 2(1)

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  • Cortes and the Conquering of the Great Aztec Empire

    Cortes and the Conquering of the Great Aztec Empire

    Billy Edwards 12-11-07 ANT 305A Cortes and the Conquering of the Great Aztec Empire When Cortes heard of a vast and wealthy empire deep within the Mexican interior, the conquest of Mexico had already begun. The Aztec empire was what the ambitious Cortes had been looking for since his departure

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  • Cortes' and Bernal Diaz's Motives for Writing Their Accounts of the Conquest

    Cortes' and Bernal Diaz's Motives for Writing Their Accounts of the Conquest

    Q: What were Cortes' and Bernal Diaz's motives for writing their accounts of the conquest? How did these motives color their narratives of the conquest? Record keeping has been around since the beginning of time. Even before humans existed, the planet earth keeps detailed records of itself in rocks, trees,

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  • Cotton Industry

    Cotton Industry

    In the period from the 1880s to the 1930s, Japan and India both visually perceived a great increase in the utilization of machines in the textile industry. Both Japan and India had kindred recruitment strategies, but differed greatly in whom the workers were and their working conditions. Document 1, 2,

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  • Could Genocide Have Been Prevented

    Could Genocide Have Been Prevented

    Proposal for paper Could Genocide have been prevented? Introduction - The meaning of Genocide, and the impact it has on a single person and society. - Start out with a few interesting facts about the war in Bosnia - Information on the key players that were involved in the war

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  • Could the Spanish Armada Have Succeeded?

    Could the Spanish Armada Have Succeeded?

    Could the Spanish Armada have succeeded? The relentless decline in relations between Spain and England post 1558 engender a feeling of certain inevitability within the hostilities that broke out in 1585. Although tension between the two countries was extremely high it took years of preparations to actually instigate war. When

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  • Council of Trent

    Council of Trent

    Council of Trent Introduction • Widespread dissatisfaction with the worldliness of the church and the ignorance of clergy • The impact of the sack of Rome (1527) • Charles V, champion of Catholicism in Germany • Reformers active in the Catholic clergy to 1541 • The call for a universal

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  • Counter Reformation

    Counter Reformation

    In order to understand the Counter Reformation one must consider the political factors and motivators behind them as well as the belief factors when examining clashes with the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church during 16th century experienced a reformation that was both politically and belief driven. The Catholic Reformation also

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  • Country Assessment of India

    Country Assessment of India

    The ancient social system of India believed that society should be based on the division of labor focusing the majority on the specialization and and functionality of each person. This follows the idea of Plato in much of his work. India has been running a caste system based on innate

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  • Country Trend Analysis: Angola

    Country Trend Analysis: Angola

    Country Trend Analysis: Angola Angola is a country with a bright future starting to form on its horizon. After decades of war it is starting to emerge as a democracy with a rapidly growing economy. The country plans to have legislative elections in September of 2008, and Presidential elections are

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  • Court Observation

    Court Observation

    The first court I decided to visit was at 393 University Av. on September 11th after my classes and got there on time for a court session at 12:00 pm. The security was very strict. They looked through my backpack and made me take everything out of my pockets. After

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  • Courtly Love

    Courtly Love

    The idea of courtly love, as we understand it, began during the Romantic revival of the nineteenth century, when there was "a period of general mythologizing about the Middle Ages" (Jordan 134). According to the Romantics, courtly love describes an ideal of adulterous love between medieval aristocratic men and women,

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  • Cowardice


    Cowardice In this article, Bush talks about how the terrorist that bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are viewed as Cowards. As the article states, " The coward is not man enough to say it to your face and instead chooses to say it behind your backÐ'...can be

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  • Creation of Byzantine Empire

    Creation of Byzantine Empire

    When Constantine moved the capital of the Roman empire from Rome to Constantinople, he actually created a new empire very different from Rome: the Byzantine empire. Although much of the Byzantine empire was brought over or based on aspects of Rome, it was a unique empire itself with its own

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  • Creator of Algebra Abu Ja'far Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi

    Creator of Algebra Abu Ja'far Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi

    My report is on Abu Ja'far Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi. He was born around 780 BC in Baghdad. (Now in Iraq). There is little known about his life. The name al-Khwarizmi may indicate that he was from south of the Aral Sea in central Asia. He constructed some of the

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  • Crete and Mycene

    Crete and Mycene

    Crete & Mycenae The video that we watched was titled Crete and Mycenae. The theme of the video was about the ruins in those two places and how they think they lived when the ruins were put together. The video did a good job to show us how they lived

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  • Cricket Case

    Cricket Case

    To What extent were popular past times influenced by gender ideology, and did this change over the course of the nineteenth century Cricket: Male victorians glorified cricket as a perfect system of ethics and morals which embodied all that was most noble in male Anglo-Saxon character. They prized it as

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  • Crimes of War - What the Public Should Know

    Crimes of War - What the Public Should Know

    Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know The term war crime brings to mind a combination of horrific images, concentration camps, ethnic cleansing, execution of prisoners, rape, and bombardment of cities. These images correspond in many ways to the legal definitions of the term, but international law draws lines

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  • Criminal Court Cases

    Criminal Court Cases

    Description of current event This current event speaks about the start of the bloods gang and how they are running the streets. The bloods fights was only a street gang in Los Angelo. They became more powerful in 1993 when the formed the blood nation also known as the bloods

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  • Criminal Justice in Action

    Criminal Justice in Action

    Criminal Justice in Action The Criminal Justice system as applied in today's society is what I like to call a necessary evil. It is necessary to up hold the law and to regulate crime and at the same time there are flaws within the system that infringe upon human rights

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  • Criminal Justice Process

    Criminal Justice Process

    The criminal justice process may vary from state to state but generally speaking, the steps of the process are the same. Once a crime has been established, the most important step, the investigation process kicks off. This may be as simple as a law enforcement officer observing and pulling over

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  • Cristopher Columbus

    Cristopher Columbus

    An essay on Cristopher Columbus While many learned professors have abandoned hope of ever discovering the truth behind Cristopher Columbus, I for one feel that it is still a worthy cause for examination. There are many factors which influenced the development of Cristopher Columbus. While much has been written on

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  • Critical Analysis: Reformation of England

    Critical Analysis: Reformation of England

    Critical Analysis: Reformation of England The 16th century undoubtedly proved to be a tumultuous period in the history of England. The insecurity of religious belief and stability of its government were primary factors in the elusive identity of England until the very 1600's. There was an evident succession of contradictory

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