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It Does Not Sell, It Is Not Creative

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It Does Not Sell, It Is Not Creative

Advertisement means making a thing well-known to the people commercially. Advertisement are designed to encourage the particular interest of a definite person, caused, or the sale of product. And it effect so fast in people. When the American marketplace has grown increasingly more and more products have entered. And advertising have many profits in business in the world between seller and buyer. Ads have many appeals to lodge to the different parts of people in the difference of needs that they have in their life. Most of the advertisers they are so smart, they are using the words and behavior that they have it effects to buy their products, it is all base on fifteen basic appeals the most common in America is sex.

According to Fowles advertisers assume that the regular consumers have these urges they walk around with every day that need to be fulfilled such as lust ambitions and others things but these urges are to irregular to be attended to in the real world so they are put to the side by sensible thinking. What advertisers do is during these ads they pitch subtle hints at your subconscious mind to pick up without you knowing. And I think that these assumptions about personality are correct because most of the time it effect and also emotional appeals it also called pathos that how can they impress people and use these to make you feel I have to buy or something like that but Jib Fowles he did not mentioned the Logos and Ethos appeals which make a part of advertisement better.

The need nurture because when you direct that towards mother’s it works best. For example, when you watch commercials about diapers, they obviously direct it towards mothers because it shows how much the mother nurtures the baby, and of course mothers want what’s best for their baby, so when they see cute, loving commercials they’d want to buy that for their baby because they think it’s best for them.

The purpose of the Fowles in this article is to be aware because advertiser doing anything for their profit, and I decide that I will only buy according to my needs, not what is advertised. If I find a product that is good I will stick to it. So as I said, I don’t buy something because it is advertised. I buy based on my needs, and the quality and reliability of the product. The attentions and wants of consumers are most efficiently accessed through connecting with one of


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